Big Idea Mastermind Members BJ Min & Daniel Garcia

by BJ on August 6, 2013

Hi, there!

Welcome to my video, guys. I am so excited to show you this video for several reasons. Before all, I gotta say I am at the Millionaire Mindset Intensive seminar by T Harv Eker in Newport Beach and it rocks, I just love it!

Why am I so excited? Because I met a buddy 🙂 I met another diamond member of Big Idea Mastermind here, my dear friend, Daniel Garcia and we are making this video together for you, guys. We decide to do that because he is also making $3000 commissions in Empower Network, and I just wanted to show you one more proof that success is possible in this business!

If you think that I am the only one making money with online marketing, or that only the owners are making the big money, you are WRONG! Here is Daniel, who is also a successful Internet marketer making big ticket commissions online.

Watch my video and see what he has to say about Big Idea Mastermind. It is all different than other Internet marketing opportunities because of the mastermind. Daniel was also a successful online marketer before he joined, but he says he was lacking purpose and passion for this business.

I also think that at some point the money is not a motivator enough to keep you going. You find the mastermind, you find passion. The one thing you should understand is that while you are on your own everyone else in this business is a competitor, but in our mastermind everyone HELPS EACH OTHER to make money. You have partners and you have someone to share ideas with.

The mastermind is a family. You plug in and you activate your potential, actually other people help you become the best person you can be. Success is not what you get, success is what you become. Take action, join and change your life today.

Click here to join and make BIG money, too.

If you want to learn more about this mastermind, click here.

Take care


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