Big Idea Mastermind Las Vegas Event

by BJ on October 10, 2013

Hey, guys!

I hope you are all doing fine. It's BJ Min with some insights on the Big Idea mastermind event in Las Vegas.

Big Idea Mastermind Las Vegas Event

If you want to see me hanging out with other Big Idea Mastermind members, watch my video below. You will see some amazing scenery and some awesome people.

Let me ask you just one thing?

Which other company, or organization, gives you the opportunity to go to an Internet marketing seminar in Las Vegas? That's right, none. These things happen only in Big Idea Mastermind.

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In Las Vegas I met some amazing Big Idea Mastermind members. For example, Jeff, who is in my team. This guy is already a six figure earner in his own field but he still joined Empower Network. He believes that only this business will give him the opportunity to retire in the next 19 months and live the life he wants to.

Why is this business different? Well, Jeff shares my opinion that the most important thing about Big Idea is the personal development training. As he says, the biggest difference in this mastermind, is that it focuses on empowering you to believe in yourself, to believe it is okay to be out of the norm and do something different with your life.

Once you join my team, you have the chance to make BIG money online and stop going to your dreadful 9 to 5 job. Actually, I am the living proof of that. I used to work at a convenience store before I became an Internet marketer. Can you believe that?

This business is changing who I am and changing my life for the better. I believe now I can be beyond my job. I can be bigger with this mastermind.

You CAN be bigger, too.

It's up to YOU.

What's you choice?

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Talk soon


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