Big Idea Mastermind Anniversary

by BJ on March 10, 2014

Hi, everyone!

I am BJ Min – an Internet marketer, dream follower and a proud member of Big Idea Mastermind for one year. Today, I am celebrating with you my one year anniversary as part of Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind.

Big Idea Mastermind After One Year

My bottom line result: After twelve months in Empower Network I am in the top ten earners' leaderboard.

I share these results not to brag, or to provide you a success guarantee, I share them to inspire you, because just 12 months ago I had no idea how to market a product online. Okay, I had the Internet marketing experience related to other niches, but not the sales part itself.

So, today, I am sharing a BIG thank you to Vick Strizheus, the creator of Big Idea for the example he sets for all of the team's members, and to my own sponsor – Paulo Barroso, who has supported me from the start and still keeps on giving me priceless advice for taking my business to the next level.

Here is a picture of me and Paulo, that I like very much. Thank you, man, you rock!


Here is me speaking on stage in front of THOUSANDS of people just like YOU to learn how to succeed and live your dreams!

$5900 in 1 day

Big Milestone I accomplished in my first year – I made $5900 in 1 day (the BIGGEST I ever made money online in my LIFE thanks to BIM!)

Income disclaimer: These results are not typical because I'm not typical. So if you're a wussy, this is NOT for you. But if you are willing to be consistent and persistent, then learn from me.  Cheers! =)


Meeting, talking, and learning from Dave Wood, the co-founder of Empower Network was a big blessing to me.


Hanging out with Dave Sharpe and Vick Strizheus (BOTH internet millionaires) at a private island in Hawaii!


My millionaire mentor Vick Strizheus and myself hanging out in Miami!


Hanging out with Paulo Barroso, my BIM sponsor and another TOP earner in Big Idea Mastermind.


Hanging out with Miles Segers at a yacht in Miami, another TOP earners in Big Idea Mastermind.

bj min top bimmer last 7 days

Another milestone – Got to the TOP income earner spot in the LAST 7 days in BIM!


I got to the TOP 3 in the TOP income earners in the last 7 days for Empower Network which is the primary product BIM system/team promotes.

In fact, if I have to be honest, I can not single out one person, or one thing that has taken me so far in this business. It has been the combination of team spirit, great leadership, hard work, personal development, events, education and practice that has really changed me for the better in the past year.

Learned so much in 1 year, met lots of new friends, and achieved lots of milestones thanks to hard work, perseverance, being around other successful people, and so much more.

There were ups & downs throughout the journey and I'm glad I stuck with it and persevered throughout it all because I was actually able to finish my 1st year anniversary with a bang. (Key is to persevere because you never know when your BIG breakthrough can happen…it can happen a year later but when it does, it can SKY ROCKET you and your business to the next level like it did for me recently).

Now, I'm ready to make my 2nd year even better and help others get there as well this time.

I am more than ready to start my second year in Big Idea with more determination, more commitment and more excitement. For me Big Idea means just one thing – personal and professional success.


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YES, it works, and I am the proof!

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To another successful year,


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