Big Idea Mastermind 10K Challenge Story – Lessons I Learned

by BJ on February 16, 2014

Hi, there!

You know how I always share with you when I achieve a milestone in Internet marketing? Well, this time I am proud to share the results I achieved in Vick Strizheus's

Big Idea Mastermind 10K challenge

The 10K challenge was open to all Big idea mastermind members. All of the participants who managed to earn $10 000 would be invited to a private yacht party and seminar organized by Vick.

So just a while ago I got the news that I was one of the 15 persons that managed to pass the 10k mark. This means that very soon I will be going to a luxurious yacht trip fully paid for by my mentor, the traffic king, Vick Strizheus.

How did I make $10 000 in the Internet marketing niche?

1. I joined Big idea Mastermind. Joining really changed my life. I had already made six figures from different businesses online but Big idea really resonates with me and my passion. I started taking personal development seriously and …

2. I went to the mastermind's events. This is where I had my first breakthrough and started believing that I can be successful with this business.Then…

3. I started working on myself daily. I am reading my goals, affirmations and ideal day every single day. I start by creating a mindset of success and then move to do anything else through the day. I started going to the gym daily and working on my body and mind. In the same time…

4. I began taking consistent action in my marketing. Using the tools, techniques, traffic secrets and tips of my mentor and Empower Network I managed to elevate my business to a whole new level. I joined the 90-day video challenge for example and uploaded 3 videos per day for a three month period. Taking massive action is the key to success.

Did it happen overnight? No. Did I have challenges? Yes. Did I succeed? YES.

For more details about Big Idea Mastermind and making BIG money online, watch my video:

To have the same opportunity, join Big Idea here.

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