Big Idea Mastemind Denver Event – Experience Personal Transformation

by BJ on August 17, 2013

Hey, you guys!

In the video below I am at the Denver Internet marketing and personal development event and I am making videos like crazy! In the video you can see me in the last day of the event, and see the effect that the event has had on me.

Seriously, going to events is the best thing you can do to experience personal transformation. It happened to me in Chicago, it happened to me in Hawaii and now it happened to me again in Denver!

Go To Events To Get Pumped UP

Really, I read my affirmations and “I AM…” proclamations every day to get myself motivated and going for the day, but, boy the event was something different. If you were there, you most probably know what I am talking about, and if you weren't, you have the chance to experience the same on the next event.

In the end of the event we started saying “I AM…” proclamations altogether, can you imagine tens and hundreds of people saying stuff like “I am successful”? It really made a difference! I got so pumped that I was reborn into a new me, which went on stage and shook the speaker's hand, started making videos and talking like crazy. I don't know what happened to me at this moment, I was experiencing a deep personal transformation.

Do you want that? Do you want to live that transformational experience from the inside out? Do you want to become a better and new you? Then you have to go to the next event. And guess what? I am going too, so you will have the chance to meet me!

Join my mastermind and come to the next event to start changing your life for good today. There is nothing more important on the world than your personal transformation.

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