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by BJ on March 20, 2014

Hi, guys!

You know what?

I wrote a book that became #1 on Amazon's BUSINESS category during its first month of launch in November of 2012.

amazon best sellerAs you are probably aware, I am preparing a second ebook which will be published in 2014. I want to achieve the same results with my second ebook as with the first. That's why I collected everything I have learned during my 7-year experience as an Internet marketing and summarized it for my future readers. I believe that by sharing my real-life online success experience I will achieve even better results for my ebook.

Let me just give you a short preview on what you will be able to read about in my second book.

First, you will have a comprehensive list of Internet marketing activities that I have tested. You will read what worked and why, and what didn't give the results I was hoping for.

Second, you will be able to learn all the success secrets that I am practicing to achieve my dreams until this day. With time, I realized that success online (and offline, for that matter) is not only about building a business but also about building and growing yourself.

Third, you will have the chance to know everything I have learned so far from my mentors, some of which are Internet millionaires! I spent thousands of dollars on seminars, courses, events and trainings, and I will be sharing the golden nuggets I got out of them. This is priceless knowledge that can sky rocket your business!

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