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by BJ on July 6, 2013

Hello, you,

yes, you, thanks for watching my videos! I am so glad you are reading this, and I recommend you, watch my video below, too. Because here I am giving some specific insights on SUCCESS!

I guess you, like everyone else, want to be successful and trust me that is not so hard! Just watch my video and see my super luxurious Mercedes Benz, I bought it myself, and you can do that too.

So let me get to my specific success tips. You know by now already that every morning I go to the gym and listen to positive affirmations while I am there (well, I listen to all kind of motivational and personal development stuff) but, you know, I must leave this fancy Mercedes somewhere meanwhile.

So here I am, trying to park my car at the gym. First floor – full, second floor – completely full, third floor – no space at all, forth floor – people queuing for parking spaces! Until I got to the top floor, where there isn't even a single car. Isn't that amazing? I am the only one who parked on the top floor, and it has an amazing view by the way.

There Is Enough Space At The Top

The point I am making is that people are lazy to get to the top. Everyone is trying to get a spot on the first floor! I really can't believe it, but it's the same in marketing – everyone is trying to get to the minimum pay, or using the same marketing tools or whatever, but not thinking out of the box!

Actually, there is nobody on the top floor. Can you believe that? Just think differently, don't follow the first or second floor parkers, go elsewhere, find your markets elsewhere, do things differently.

Go to the top, achieve your dreams, there is nobody else there yet doing it.

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Take care


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