Become a Person That Is Bigger Than Your Problem

by BJ on September 5, 2013

Hi, guys!

It's BJ here with your motivational personal development tip:

Be Bigger Than Your Problems

I have been reading T Harv Eker's book lately and this is something he explains in great detail. I decided to give you this free honey here, because I want you to feel confident you can handle any challenge.

Here is the way:

Imagine your confidence and belief in yourself, your abilities and skills are at level 4 in your business. You encounter a problem at level 6. Does it look scary? Of course, because you have never done it before, you have never handled something so tough. It is actually a problem.

But think – if you work on yourself, if you develop your mindset and your skills, if you focus on personal development consistently, you will grow to be a level 9 person. Then is the level 6 problem actually a problem? No, it is a piece of cake, it is something you can manage in the blink of an eye!

This is the mindset and the point of view I want for you – the problems are not big, you are small! This gives you so much control and comfort that will itself make the problems look tiny. You have the power within you to overcome anything, just if you work on yourself and strive to be a better person every single day.

Grow Bigger To Overcome Problems

If you are wondering how to become a bigger person, more confident and successful, just watch my other videos, where I give countless advice on personal development, working on your mindset and ┬ábecoming confident through motivational videos and audios. Also, read T Harv Ekker's book yourselves ­čśë

Bottom line is, guys, no problem is really a problem if you outgrow it. If you work on yourself and develop yourself every problem will be an opportunity to do something better, to become a better you and learn new things.

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