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by BJ on March 9, 2014


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The Best Internet Marketing Strategy

It might surprise you, but there is no one single best Internet marketing strategy. I mean – what works for me, might not work for you, so the best strategy is to actually find your unique marketing style and master it.

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If you try to do everything, experts say, you can not do anything. You need to specialize to really reach the next level in marketing. For me, my thing is videos. I am quite good at them and I am certain they are my best marketing tool.

Currently, I am making about $20 000 a month from Internet marketing, but my goal is $50 000 a month. To achieve that, I have decided to not look for new marketing tools and techniques, but to go really deep in video marketing. I already have over a thousand videos online, but I feel I can do better and I can be more effective.

So how can you find your unique marketing strategy?

In the beginning you should join a program like the one I am in, to learn all of the different Internet marketing strategies and tools. Then, try them all out. See which one resonates with you – which one is easy, enjoyable, and brings you quick results? Find that out and focus on it. There are no limits to what might work for you.

That's why in the beginning it is important to try different things. You will learn as you go and if you pay attention, you will soon easily know which ones you do with pleasure and which ones are just pointless for you.

As a conclusion a Bruce Lee quote for you:

‘I don't fear a man who has done 10 000 different kicks, I fear a man who has done one kick 10 000 times.'

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