Be Selective With People You Take Advice From

by BJ on July 21, 2013


It's BJ here with the tip of the day. This advice here is for my team, for my subscribers, for everyone out there watching and reading, thanks for being here! What I have to tell you here is super essential for your personal and business life – be selective with people you take advice from! Coz, you know what guys? There are literally billions of people, with billions of different opinions, and billions of different visions.

Be Selective With People You Take Advice From

Everyone has an opinion about what you do, but not everyone is successful. When somebody gives you advice, just look at them first before taking it! In your personal and business life there will be tons of people you should not be listening to.

Those are especially the winers, the negatively charged people, the complainers. Oh, Gosh, I really hate complainers! Just do it people, don't sit around and wine about what's not working – make it work – it's so simple. So there are the people you wanna stay away from, seriously, their influence can be life sucking!

Listen To People Who Are Getting Results

Here is one thing you have to know – never, I mean really never, listen to anyone who is making less money than you are, about your business and life! I mean, it just isn't logical – why listen to someone who is in a worse position than you?

Bottom line, be careful and selective who you listen to and take advice from. Don't listen to people who are less successful than you in business and in life.  You become the average of the 5 people around you, so don't surround yourself with people you don't want to become.

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