Be Consistent in Taking Action in Your Dreams

by BJ on May 13, 2014

Hi, everyone!

Here is your daily inspirational video from me:

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One of the sweetest parts about having an Internet marketing
business is being your own boss. We can do whatever we want,
whenever we want…

BUT there is a huge risk to that…Let me ask you this:

If your own business, your passion, was actually a job
you were doing for someone else, would your boss keep you?

If you had to answer to someone about your results in your own
business, would they be happy with them?

This is just some food for thought on how well are we performing
in our own businesses. Many times we feel like on a roller
coaster – inspired, taking action, going forward…But just as many times
we feel demotivated, down, lost our purpose, and then, well,
we don't do anything, we even lose faith in our own businesses!

My message to you today is to

Be Consistent In Following Your Dreams

and don't forget to work as if there is someone you have to answer
to and show results at the end of the workweek.

If you are putting ALL your efforts in your job, so that you don't
get fired, are your dreams less worth it?

That's why I am talking about consistency – you go to work every day,
do your job, be on time…isn't that consistency? So, you are capable
of it!

Don't let your dreams slip away from you just because you were too lazy
to follow up on your commitments.

Your dreams are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do in
your life. YOUR DREAMS will become reality only if you takeĀ 
consistent action to achieve them!

Live your life to the fullest, while making money online.

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To YOUR success,


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