back to work…

by BJ on October 30, 2014

haha…i am back out of retirement and ready to work and hustle and do whatever it takes to make it to the next level as they say…

2014 has passed us by real fast…in fact, it was a pretty productive year for me in retrospect…

i published a book that i wrote LONG time ago starting from 2012 to 2013 in 2014 finally this year…called “Six Figure Internet Marketer”…giving my top general and basic core lessons on how to achieve success in internet marketing from someone with real life experience at the time because i started hitting that six figure income in sales stage starting in 2010…when I officially become a corporation starting in April in 2010.

But I pretty got SERIOUS with IM since 2007 and FULL TIME with it at the END OF 2008.

Can't believe what internet marketing has allowed me to have and do in my life.

I have the FINANCIAL FREEDOM to really live a freedom based lifestyle.

I don't have to wake up and go to a boss.

I don't even what that feels like.

I had some ups and downs in my journey.

…It kind of slowed down but for whatever reasons, I am back and ready with full force and more motivation than I had in a long time.

I'm starting to wake up really early.

In fact, I woke up approximately at 2:00AMish in the morning today and have been working non stop (currently 1:04PM) this day on October 30th, 2014…

Not sure…but I experience early retirement for 3 weeks literally doing NOTHING…just to take a break…but I obviously wanted to make a comeback to FINISH and CONTINUE doing BIG PROJECTS that I believe can help myself, my team members, my customers, my audience, and so forth.

Plus, I'm still young. I'm 33 and I still have a lot of years in me to go out there and make an impact in the world through the internet.

I feel like I've done this for so long but at the same time I feel like I am such a newbie because there are SO MANY THINGS TO LEARN online…

I stay focused on what I know best and test out new things little by little.


Make sense? =)

I hope this makes sense to you.

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