Artist, Manager, Entrepreneur – Who Are You?

by BJ on September 8, 2013


I hope you are doing fine! Today, I want to give you a free advice from Tony Robbins. I was watching his videos on YouTube (yes, I really practice what I preach and watch a ton of personal development videos) and I was amazed by what he was saying about people.

So, ultimately, there are three kinds of people

The Artists. The person who likes to find new ways of doing things, who likes to do everything in their own personal way, and to find new channels to express themselves.

The Manager. This is the person who organizes everyone and shows them the right way to do the things, he guides people to success.

The Entrepreneur. The one who takes the risk of taking people and resources together for an unsure result he believes in.

Who Are You?

Be true and honest with yourself and find out which one of the three is strongest within you. Of course, we all have little bits of each type of person in ourselves, but there is one dominant person, and you need to find out who this is.

Then focus on your strength – if you are an artist, not only as a painter, but as a person, just create, and find somebody else who will do the management for you. If you are naturally an entrepreneur, don't try to make up how everything will work – form a team of artists and managers to do that for you.

When you admit to yourself that this is you, and focus on doing what you can do best, you will be thriving. For example, I think I am an artist so I don't get fully satisfied from my job unless I get to create something.

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