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by BJ on June 17, 2009

Article marketing seems to be the
latest rage and with good reason.
It's by far the best free method of
promoting your business and increasing
your sales and opt in subscribers.

By submitting your articles to article
directories, article announcement lists,
and ezine publishers, you accomplish
several things. The first is that you
begin to establish yourself as an expert
in your chosen field. If readers get the
impression that you are knowledgeable
they are more likely to listen to you.

Next, you give the reader a direct link
back to your website by means of attaching
a resource box. There is a good chance
that the reader will click your link to
visit your website where they will see
what you have to offer.

Most importantly, your article
provides a one way non reciprocal
link pointing to your website, which
can increase search engine ranking.
Extra weight is given to one way links
by the search engines.

But many marketers are not comfortable
writing their own articles. They just
do not know how to put their thoughts
into words. Or worse yet, they do not
have any thoughts worth printing.

That is why private label articles
are in such high demand these days.
There are several of these services
available and more seem to be popping
up every day.

Your results will vary from the good,
the bad or the ugly depending on how
you make use of private label articles.

When uses correctly, private label
articles can give non-writers an advantage
over their fellow article marketers.
Good articles can help to boost your
sales, website traffic and your
subscriber lists.

A common mistake made by marketers
using private label articles is
getting lazy. They simply copy and
paste the article and submit it, as
is, with no personalization. At the
very least, you should change the
title. Most article directories require
that your article be approved before
they are posted. But do you really
think they read every article that
comes in? Not likely.

They get dozens, even hundreds of
submissions every day, so it's unlikely
that your article will actually be read.

However, article directories automatically
check their database to see if
articles with the same title already
exist. If a title match is found your
article will be rejected.
It might be good to change some of the
wording in the first paragraph so it's
not easily recognized and also come up
with a new title.

What you want to avoid at all costs
is loading up your article with links
so that it looks like nothing more
than an ad. If you do this you'll be
rejected and if you continue to do
it you could get banned.

A good article contains useful
information to the reader whether
they buy your products or not. Give
them good content and you will increase
the chances that they will click your
link in the resource box. You can
publish this article on your website
or in your ezine. The article must not
be altered and you must include the
resource box below with live link.

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step-by-step tips on article marketing so that
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To your success,

BJ Min

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