Are You Talking or Walking

by BJ on June 28, 2013

Hey everyone!

It's BJ here with a quick video about something I have actually learned from the Bible.

The story in short is about two brothers, who were both told to do some work at the vineyard. The first one refused at first, but regreted later on and actually did the work. The second, one did exactly the opposite – promised to do it and finally, well, didn2t follow up. Jesus asked the people who is the rightous one, and as you may suppose this was the first one.

You are probabaly thinking ‘Is BJ talking about Bible stuff now? Wasn't he an Internet marketer at first?' The point here is that there are two kinds of people – talkers and doers.

Do You Talk The Talk Or Walk The Walk

In life, in business, in personal affairs I have met so many people that talk big Рhow they will start this habit, or that habit, how they will start exercising, or make big promises about their work and never follow up. And there is another kind of people who actually do what they are talking about, or they don't even talk about it, they just do it.

The whole point I am trying to make here is TAKE ACTION NOW! What is the point to lose your time and the time of people around you making big promises and then never fulfilling them? Think about a thing – would you like a person who lies to you constantly and never keeps up with what they say? What if this person is you? Stop lying to yourself now and take action, keep your word to yourself, and start living the life you want now!

My challenge to you is to look at the results that you want and take the action necessary – most people just talk, talk, talk. Baby, talk is cheap.

So watch this video and start thinking what are you actually doing to achieve your goals, start walking on the road to sucess. If you don't take action now, you are just a talker.

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Talk soon


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