Are You a Consumer or a Creator?

by BJ on September 8, 2013

Hey, guys!

This is BJ here with a quick tip and an eye opener for those of you who are watching my videos. Don't only watch videos, create videos.

Or whatever else you can create for that matter. There are two states of mind – consumer and creator. Sometimes we get so stuck into consuming the information out there, we forget to give back. And why would you need this information, if not to share it with the world?

Don't get me wrong, learning is great, and without learning first, we can't give anything back to the world, but, guys, don't keep it only to yourself. Your mission in the world is not to take, but to give!

Get Yourself From Consumer To Creator Mode

The truth is that the world's leaders and the best marketers in this business create more than they consume. The give content to the world every day. And if you want followers, you have to create something for them to follow. Each leader creates a following by giving something away for free, by teaching people something. If you don't say anything, nobody can hear your voice.

How to do that? It is easy – as you are watching my videos or reading my blog, just start writing and making your own. Start writing your own blog about personal development and Internet marketing – maybe people will see it and learn something essential they need for their business.

Giving is always more satisfactory than taking, so start creating and stop being just a consumer.

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Talk soon


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