Always Focus on Vision to Achieve Big Results in Your Business

by BJ on September 24, 2013

Hello, guys and gals,

how are you all doing? This is BJ Min with the quick tip of the day for all entrepreneurs out there.

I own my business, too, and I can relate to you.
We do everything, or almost everything, ourselves.
We take all the decisions ourselves.
Sometimes, this can be quite overwhelming, can't it?

There are so many new things every day, so many new tools, new ideas, and it can get very frustrating what to focus on. One can get into the so called analysis-paralysis mode in which you tend to over-think everything and never take action. This is not good for your business or for you. So my advice for these moments is to

Focus on Your Vision

What is the one thing you really want to achieve with your business? What is your purpose in life?

Asking these questions can switch you back to action mode, in which you take steps, small or big, to work for accomplishing and living your vision.

If you don't have vision, run, grab a pen, and CREATE one!
When you have a vision, you have a purpose and this is powerful for your business and your life.

My point here is that whenever you get overwhelmed and frustrated, you vision is the thing that will take you out of there and show you where to go. When you are not sure what to do, based on your vision figure out the one single thing you can undertake that will take you one step closer to it.

And whatever this thing is, just DO IT NOW. There are millions things you can do, but there is only one thing that will take you one step closer to your vision. Instead of trying to do everything, just do that one thing that is aligned with your vision and will make the biggest impact in your business.

Be bigger than the obstacles, have a vision bigger than any frustration. Take action TODAY.

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Talk soon,


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