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Dear Friend,

If you are looking to REALISTICALLY make money online and learn from a REAL and GENUINE person who shows EXACTLY how to make money online covering EVERYTHING that you need to know to get started, then you want to read this letter all the way.

My name is BJ Min and I am the best selling author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks". My quick story is that I went from being a once broke store clerk to eventually earning over a million dollars in sales online.

But my success didn't happen overnight.

In fact, I was also once struggling online and couldn't make a dime on the internet.

I also made the same mistakes many newbies and beginners make by trying out things that didn't work.

I also bought overpriced courses, seminars, coaching, and workshop that really didn't give me anything compared to the money that I invested in.

So I know how you feel when it comes to so many new products coming out in the marketplace.

I was tired of spending so much money on things that never worked.

I realized that success online wasn't very complicated.

It was quite simple.

It was all about taking action.

And to be frank, I learned A LOT of my real life lessons from taking action.

When I mean action, I took MASSIVE ACTION.

I published hundreds of books online.

I uploaded thousands of videos online.

It was INSANE!

I guess you can call me kind of crazy but that's how I like to do things.

Well, I learned that I personally did it the HARD WAY.

...because I learned from TRIAL AND ERROR.

Through my sheer will and determination and a little bit of luck on my side, I was able to go from being broke to earning a six figure income for multiple years in a row.

As I started getting a lot of success online and showing people my results, people started wanting to learn from me. I enjoy teaching people and that's why I share my tips through my newsletters and videos.

But people wanted a COURSE from me.

That's why I decided to invest my time on creating the ULTIMATE PACKAGE to give my BEST of the BEST secrets on how to make money online from digital marketing which is an online business that is DIGITAL and has NO INVENTORY!

That's why I decided to create my ULTIMATE DIGITAL INTERNET MARKETING BLUEPRINT called the "ALL IN" course.

My "ALL IN" course consists of my TOP 10 online courses all put together to give you the BEST OF THE BEST training that you need to make money online through selling digital products such as eBooks, online courses, affiliate programs, and even business opportunities.

My "ALL IN" course will cover the MOST important topics that you need to know to start and grow your business online such as:

  • Traffic Generation Secrets to Make Money Online
  • Conversion Secrets to Amplify Your Sales Online
  • Sales Funnel Strategies that are Easy to Implement to Increase Conversions
  • How to Build a Simple & Easy Website for Non-Technical People
  • Email Marketing Secrets to Maximize Your Profits Online
  • Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Promoting Other People's Products
  • How to Create Your Own Digital Products to Make Money on Autopilot
  • How to Turn Your Passion into Profit Online
  • Business Opportunity Domination Secrets to Become a Top Producer
  • And So Much More!

The UNIQUE thing about My "ALL IN" course is that:

  • Simple & Straight to the Point - You Get a SIMPLE & EASY TO LEARN training because I like to teach in simple & big steps to move you forward instead of bogging you in unimportant details that overwhelm you. Too many students get suckered into the details, get overwhelmed, and don't do anything. My goal is to SIMPLIFY everything so you keep moving forward and get results!
  • You Get What You See - I'm a real and everyday guy just like yourself who is here to help everyday people make money online. I do ALL my training on my own and teach from my real life experience. I never outsource my training. I teach all my training to my students on my own. That's what I prefer and I know my students get the most help from that as well.
  • Motivational Marketer - I'm a very passionate person so all my videos come with a motivational style of training so you won't feel bored when you watch my training. You will get inspired, pumped up, and this is CRUCIAL in order to help you TAKE ACTION. It's not just about the training but HOW the training is taught to help you TAKE ACTION and get results online!
  • Affordable - Compared to many online marketing courses, seminars, and workshops out there (trust me, I've spent well over $50,000 in my marketing education), you are getting what I learned for a FRACTION of the price. Many times, a lot of marketers have been given a bad name due to their overpricing but I make sure all my training is at an affordable price for the everyday person who wants to get started.
  • "Personal Touch" Support - My support is done by my support team and myself to help my ALL IN students stay on the right track to get results online. If you have questions about anything in the course, my support team and I provide a "personal" touch in our support to all our students. My time is valuable so just don't abuse it and you'll be well taken care of by our support and myself.

In summary, here is what you will get in my "ALL IN" course...

Course #1 - Affiliate Marketing 101: How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing.

  • How I got on TOP of affiliate leader boards with a SMALL LIST!
  • How to Get BETTER CONVERSIONS with affiliate marketing more than 90% of other affiliate marketers in the internet marketing space!
  • How to build a SIMPLE 1 page website to BUILD YOUR LIST without being technical!
  • Top Traffic Strategies to MAKE MONEY ONLINE with affiliate marketing!
  • Exact ACTION STEPS to Take to Build Your LIST to Make Money Online!
  • The SECRET PAGE that 90% of affiliates DO NOT KNOW that can help you BOOST your sales online with the same amount of traffic!
  • How to Make Your SALES FUNNEL for ANY Affiliate Program WITHOUT Being Technical!
  • Discover the EXACT TOOLS that I Recommend to Create Your AFFILIATE MARKETING FUNNEL as Fast as 1 SINGLE DAY!
  • Watch HOW TO Create a SIMPLE Affiliate Marketing Funnel That CONVERTS into SALES ONLINE That is Super Easy & Quick That ANY NEWBIE Can Do It!
  • How to Have an AUTOMATED EMAIL MACHINE Make Money for Your Affiliate Offers While You Sleep Because of AUTOMATED EMAILS WORKING FOR YOU!
  • My TOP Income Generating Activities That Will Help You Make Money Online and SAVE A LOT OF TIME & ENERGY from Wasting on Non-Important Things!
  • Quick 90 Day Action Plan to MAKE MONEY ONLINE with Affiliate Marketing!

Course #2 - Big Ticket 101: How to Make Big Ticket Commissions Online!

  • How to make up to $1000 or MORE in big ticket commissions with ONE single sale!
  • High ticket offers that sell the BEST!
  • How to easily convert your leads into BIG TICKET sales online!
  • Proven and tested strategies to CONVERT your traffic and leads into BIG TICKET customers online!
  • How I made up to $1000 to $3000 in BIG TICKET commissions selling other people's products!
  • Best recommended high ticket affiliate programs meaning you don't even need your own products to make big ticket sales online!
  • Simple and effective ways that I learned from 6-Figure and 7-Figure Earners to MAKE Big Ticket Sales Online!
  • How to Use Simple BONUSES to Convert Your Traffic into BIG TICKET sales online!
  • Best way to position yourself and upsell your low ticket customers to BUY your big ticket offers!
  • And much more!

Course #3 - Video Marketing 101: How to Market Your Business with Online Videos!

  • How to Rank Your YouTube Video on the Search Results
  • Video to List to Offer Strategy to Make Money from YouTube!
  • How to Do YouTube Videos Naturally Without Having a Script!
  • Discover What to Talk About in Your Videos!
  • How to Beat Your Competition on YouTube for the Long Run!
  • What Camera to Use!
  • The Best Type of Videos that Convert into Sales!
  • 80% to 20% Value to Pitch Ratio That Converts Your Visitors into Customers!
  • What Video Platforms to Get Traffic for the Long Run!
  • How to Target a Keyword the Right Way for a Video
  • Where to Put Your Main Keyword for Best SEO Optimization
  • The 2-Second Tip that Can Help Boost Your Video in the Search Engines
  • How to Transform Yourself to Be Powerful in Videos After 90 Days!
  • And Much More!

Course #4 - Conversions 101: How to Convert Your Traffic into Leads and Sales!

  • The simple and easy to follow tweaks to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales online!
  • How to use email marketing to MAXIMIZE your profits online!
  • How to have AUTOMATED emails to do all the work for you to INCREASE sales conversions!
  • How to use a simple lead magnet to potentially DOUBLE your leads with one little change!
  • How to split test to constantly increase your sales conversions even if you are not technical!
  • Discover the ESSENTIAL keys of your business to MAXIMIZE your sales conversion through the roof.
  • How to create a "weird" 1 page webpage so you can Get BETTER CONVERSIONS than 99% of affiliate marketers who do it the wrong way!
  • How I got up to $5 and $7 in EPC while even top affiliate marketers get only $1 EPC!
  • And much more!

Course #5 - Digital Ebay 101: How to Make Money with Digital Products on eBay!

Inside "DIGITAL EBAY 101" VIDEO TRAINING (approximately 2 hour online video training), you will discover these secrets:

  • How I rank #1 on eBay listing for "internet marketing"!
  • How to make money selling digital products on eBay!
  • Never deal with inventory!
  • Never have to go to the post office!
  • Never have to package any products.
  • Make 100% of your net profit and keep it to yourself since there is really no cost to you in selling digital products!
  • How to create your own quick & easy digital product WITHOUT having a website!
  • Cheap and affordable ways to get started selling your own digital products on eBay WITHOUT a website!
  • If you know how to send an email, then you can do this!
  • How to sell digital products / information products online on eBay WITHOUT creating your own products.
  • Best places to hire people to create your own custom & unique information product.
  • Cheap places to get 100% rights to resell digital products on eBay!
  • How to STAND OUT from everyone else in the eBay listings with my "FACE PICTURE" technique that takes couple seconds to implement!
  • And much more!

Course #6 - Ebook 101: How to Make Autopilot Income from Ebooks!

  • Make money online with eBooks on AUTOPILOT!
  • Get your eBook published on Amazon.com as FAST as 24 hours!
  • Get your eBook published on BarnesandNoble's website as FAST as 24 hours!
  • Get your eBook published to ALL the other eBook stores from ONE simple website!
  • Never have to pay for monthly hosting for your eBook business!
  • Never have to pay for fees to get your eBook approved like on other digital marketplaces!
  • How to get an eBook WITHOUT having to write an eBook yourself!
  • How to personally write your own eBook as FAST as 24 hours following my SECRET publishing method!
  • And much more!

Course #7 - Income Producing Activities 101: How to Make Maximum Money with Minimum Time!

  • How to spend just 1 to 2 hours a day to start creating income online!
  • The #1 biggest income generating activity that takes only 15 minutes to do to MAXIMIZE your profits online!
  • How to do ONE very powerful income generating activity work ONCE and have it work for you on AUTOPILOT in the future!
  • How to EXPONENTIALLY sky rocket your income online by doing this ONE thing that most marketers don't do!
  • How this ONE income producing activity can potentially DOUBLE your leads and/or sales online and it takes only 5 minutes to tweak!
  • A simple and straight forward plan to START creating income online focusing on your income producing activities laid out to you by a once broke store clerk who earned over a million dollars in sales online!
  • And much more!

Course #8 - MLM 101: How to Become a Top Producer in Your Network Marketing Business!

  • Get LEADS without ever writing a list of people!
  • Get HOT LEADS joining your business opportunity WITHOUT ever talking to them on the phone!
  • How to show up on the search engines whenever people are searching for YOUR business opportunity so they ultimately JOIN YOU!
  • How to DIFFERENTIATE yourself from EVERY other typical network marketer in your company that is doing the same thing.
  • The simple & EFFECTIVE sales funnel sequence that you can CREATE in minutes WITHOUT being technical that will CONVERT your traffic into sales!
  • How to have automated emails CONVERT your cold leads into SALES and become raving fans buying your opportunity and whatever you promote over and over again!
  • Become a TOP PRODUCER and get to be on stage for your network marketing company so that the people are in awe of you and join you even more!
  • The 5 Step blueprint to DOMINATE your business opportunity in a simple way!
  • Discover how I recruited over 250+ people in my first two years of network marketing JUST using internet marketing AND never setting up a home or hotel meeting ever in my life!

Course #9 - Passion to Profit Online 101: How to Discover Your Passion and Turn It into Profit Online!

  • A simple way to discover your passion with just one single question!
  • How to monetize your passion on the internet without having your own product!
  • How to make money online with your passion WITHOUT having to build a site, build a sales page, or build a product!
  • Profit from your passion by creating and selling digital products that don't need any inventory!
  • How to build a loyal group of followers who will buy from you over and over again because your passion fires up their passion as well!
  • A simple 10-step blueprint to discover your passion and turn your passion into profit online WITHOUT even having to talk to anyone because it's all online!
  • Real life lessons from a real guy like myself who went from being broke to earning a six figure income online achieving my dreams of making money online from my passions and hobbies!
  • And much more!

Course #10 - Traffic 101: How to Drive Traffic Online!

  • Discover my TOP 10 traffic strategies to drive traffic to your website!
  • How to get traffic for FREE without paying for it!
  • My "secret" traffic sources that you can go to find a LIST of traffic sources online!
  • Discover traffic online in a UNIQUE way without having to deal with competitors!
  • Get traffic to your website from the TOP websites in the world!
  • How to get visitors to see your ad over and over again on the biggest websites in the world for a FRACTION of the price!
  • The HIGHEST CONVERTING traffic that converts into sales online that I have personally tested on my own!
  • The BEST solo ad sources to get straight traffic to build your list quickly.
  • Offline traffic strategies to build your list online!
  • Get traffic to your website WITHOUT ever doing any work...the REAL secret revealed!
  • The #1 SECRET lesson on how to really AMPLIFY your traffic to the next level.
  • And much more!

Course #11 - Product Creation 101: How to Create Your Own Digital Products in 24 Hours! (BONUS COURSE)

  • How to Create Your Own eBook as fast as 24 hours!
  • How to Create Your Own Audio Coures as fast as 24 hours!
  • How to Create Your Own Video Course as Fast as 24 hours!
  • Discover the FASTEST & SIMPLEST way to Create Your OWN Digital Products That Can Generate Income for You on Autopilot!
  • Turn Your Knowledge, Expertise, Passion, or Curiosity into a Digital Information Products That Makes You Money Online!
  • Discover Information Product Creation Secrets from BJ Min who earned Over a Million Dollars in Sales with Digital Information Marketing!
  • Create Your OWN Digital Products as Fast as 24 Hours to Brand Yourself as an Expert in Your Field!
  • Turn Anything That You Know into an Information Product to Make Money Online!
  • Create Your Own Economy on Your Own!
  • No Inventory Needed Because Your Products Will Be Digital!
  • And Much More!

Course #12 - Website 101 - How to Create Simple, Easy, and Fast Moneymaking Webpages and Websites Online! (BONUS #2 COURSE)

  • Watch over my shoulders and WATCH ME DEMONSTRATE how to create all the moneymaking pages that you MUST create to make money online!
  • Quick & Simple Skills to Make Money Making Pages!
  • How to Create an Optin Page that Builds Your List on AUTOPILOT!
  • The #1 Autoresponder I Personally Use and Recommend to Build Your List Online!
  • How to Set Up Your Email List Step-by-Step!
  • How to Create an Optin Page Using Just Your Autoresponder and Don't Have to Pay for Any Extra Website Software or Even Hosting!
  • Learn How to Create Your Optin Page Using My #1 Recommended Funnel Software!
  • Stand Out From Your Competition by Learning EXACTLY How to Create a "Preframe Page" Step-by-Step!
  • Watch Exactly How to Create a Simple & Easy Sales Page So You Can INCREASE Your Sales Conversions Online!
  • How to Install a WordPress Website (One of the Most Popular Platforms to Use for Internet Marketers) the Quick & Easy Way in Just 60 Seconds with Couple Clicks of a Button!
  • How to Install WordPress Themes and Plugins Step by Step!
  • Discover the Proven & Tested SIMPLE SALES FUNNEL Process that I Have Personally Used to Generate a SIX FIGURE Income From Affiliate Marketing!
  • My SIMPLE SALES FUNNEL Process for Creating My Own Digital Products that Have Earned Me SIX FIGURES on Clickbank!
  • The EASIEST Way to Create Webpages to Create & Sell Your Digital Products Online Step-by-Step!
  • Finally Get the SKILLSET to Make Money Online WITHOUT Becoming a Website Programmer or Designer Because In Honesty, You Just Need to Develop The Skils to Create These SIMPLE & PROFITABLE WEBPAGES to Make Money Online (and You Can Watch Me DO IT all on my computer as if you're chilling at my home office with me!)

So here's what you get in a nutshell...

  • Course #1 - Affiliate Marketing 101: How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing!
  • Course #2 - Big Ticket 101: How to Make Big Ticket Commissions Online!
  • Course #3 - Video Marketing 101: How to Market Online with Online Videos!
  • Course #4 - Conversions 101: How to Convert Your Traffic into Leads and Sales!
  • Course #5 - Digital Ebay 101: How to Make Money with Digital Products on eBay!
  • Course #6 - Ebook 101: How to Make Autopilot Income from Ebooks!
  • Course #7 - Income Producing Activities 101: How to Make Maximum Money with Minimum Time!
  • Course #8 - MLM 101: How to Become a Top Producer in Your Network Marketing Business!
  • Course #9 - Passion to Profit Online 101: How to Discover Your Passion and Turn It into Profit Online!
  • Course #10 - Traffic 101: How to Drive Traffic Online!
  • Course #11 - Product Creation 101: How to Create Your Own Digital Products in 24 Hours! (BONUS #1 COURSE!)
  • Course #12 - Website 101: How to Create Simple, Fast, and Easy Moneymaking Webpages to Make Money Online! (BONUS #2 COURSE!)

The value you get in my ALL IN package is priceless and it took me YEARS of real life trial and error to learn. Now, you can get my TOP secrets for a fraction of the price.

If you take action RIGHT NOW, then you can get it for a onetime payment of $497.

And if that's not enough, you have my 60-day money back guarantee.

Just get my "ALL IN" training, watch the training, and take action.

If you're not satisfied with the program, then just let me know and I'll give you your moneyback no questions asked and we can part as friends.

I'm here to help you take yourself and your business to the next level and if my training doesn't help you go into the right direction, then I don't want your money.

So go ahead and CLICK the "Add to Cart" link below to get my step-by-step BLUEPRINT to start and grow your digital online business and get trained by a million dollar earner through my TOP 10 training courses.

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BJ Min - ALL IN Course

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To your success online!

BJ Min
Bestselling Author & Million Dollar Earner

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P.P.P.S.  If just ONE secret inside this course to start creating an INCOME online for you, would it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY! There are more than just ONE golden nugget inside my ALL IN course so click here to start making money online now!

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