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My name is BJ Min. I am a bestselling author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks" and have been a making a full-time income online for over a decade now.

My story is that I used to be a broke convenience store clerk. Long story short, I really wanted to get out of my job and the ONLY way out was internet marketing.

To be frank, I failed for the first seven years trying this internet marketing thing. That's because back then, I had no mentor and there was no youtube to search for the amazing amount of content that you can find now.

However with a little creativity and persistence, I was able to finally make my first dollar online. Eventually, I was able to make a full-time income online and keep at this "internet lifestyle" of making money online while not having a typical job.

The GREATEST BENEFIT of making money online is the FREEDOM that I have.

Basically, you get to spend the time in what you want to do, when you want to do it.

So if that is what you strive for, then I highly recommend you to take "internet marketing" seriously and consider getting my recommended products and courses because they will give you the real life lessons to help you ultimately build and succeed your own online business at a faster rate than not knowing the lessons that took me years and years to figure out.

Now, I'm sharing these lessons to you.

In this specific introductory course, I am going to start off by focusing on "affiliate marketing" because that is the PRIMARY way most beginners want to get started online. In addition, affiliate marketing doesn't require as many steps for the beginner to take to get started online.

Unlike being a product creator, affiliate marketing is about promoting other people's products online.

So all you have to learn is HOW TO PROMOTE AFFILIATE PRODUCTS.

And that is EXACTLY what you learn inside this "AFFILIATE MARKETING 101" Online Video Training which comes from REAL LIFE experience that were tested on multiple types of different businesses.

After making a full time income online for over a decade, now I want to share my lessons to you to ultimately help you ACHIEVE FREEDOM from creating your own online business!

In MY STRAIGHT TO THE POINT VIDEO TRAINING COURSE, you will get to WATCH ME demonstrate HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE with affiliate marketing.

This is from my real life experience of achieving top producer results in multiple different business opportunities. This "affiliate marketing" strategy can be effective for multiple types of businesses such as business opportunity programs, Clickbank affiliate programs, JVZoo affiliate programs, and more.

This is going to be an ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING so you will learn BETTER & FASTER because you get to be BEHIND MY SHOULDERS and watch me DEMONSTRATE how to make money with affiliate marketing from START to FINISH!

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Here's What You Will Learn Inside This "Affiliate Marketing 101" Online Video Course

Inside "AFFILIATE MARKETING 101" VIDEO TRAINING (approximately 2 hour online video training), you will discover these secrets:

  • How I got on TOP of affiliate leader boards with a SMALL LIST!
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  • How to build a SIMPLE 1 page website to BUILD YOUR LIST without being technical!
  • Top Traffic Strategies to MAKE MONEY ONLINE with affiliate marketing!
  • Exact ACTION STEPS to Take to Build Your LIST to Make Money Online!
  • The SECRET PAGE that 90% of affiliates DO NOT KNOW that can help you BOOST your sales online with the same amount of traffic!
  • How to Make Your SALES FUNNEL for ANY Affiliate Program WITHOUT Being Technical!
  • Discover the EXACT TOOLS that I Recommend to Create Your AFFILIATE MARKETING FUNNEL as Fast as 1 SINGLE DAY!
  • Watch HOW TO Create a SIMPLE Affiliate Marketing Funnel That CONVERTS into SALES ONLINE That is Super Easy & Quick That ANY NEWBIE Can Do It!
  • How to Have an AUTOMATED EMAIL MACHINE Make Money for Your Affiliate Offers While You Sleep Because of AUTOMATED EMAILS WORKING FOR YOU!
  • My TOP Income Generating Activities That Will Help You Make Money Online and SAVE A LOT OF TIME & ENERGY from Wasting on Non-Important Things!
  • Quick 90 Day Action Plan to MAKE MONEY ONLINE with Affiliate Marketing!
  • And Much More!


All sales final means there are no refunds because this is you learning my top affiliate marketing secrets. Once you know it, you can use that lessson forever and the course is digital. So ALL SALES FINAL.

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