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by BJ on June 18, 2009

You have signed up to become an
affiliate, but do you know what
affiliate marketing really is? We
will discuss what it is and what it

Affiliate marketing involves two parties.
The first party is the merchant. The
merchant is usually the owner of the
product or service that is being sold.
The owner usually spends a great deal
of time and money on activities such
as advertising, generating traffic,
and several other methods in order to
make sales and profits.

The owner knows that he can't reach
all of his online target market on
his own. It costs too much money and
is too time consuming. So the owner
knows the next best thing is to start
his own affiliate program. Individuals
like you will then join the affiliate

This brings us to the second party.
The second party is the affiliate.
The affiliate is an individual that
acts on his or her own. This individual
helps to promote a merchant's product
or service. In exchange for their
promotion effort, they receive a
commission that is often based on
the percentage of the sale.

The affiliate is not an employee of
the merchant. Any terms that are
agreed upon between the merchant and
the affiliate will cover such things
as how much you are paid for referring
any sales, when and how you will paid,
and the acceptable methods of
advertising and promoting the product
or service.

Basically as an affiliate, you are in
business for yourself. Through the
various advertising methods that you use,
you will drive traffic to the merchant's
website. When you refer a new customer
to the merchant and that customer
purchases the product or service, you
are credited with the sale and you earn
a commission at the same time.

Commissions are usually based upon
a percentage of the sales price. The
sale that you made is probably one
that your merchant would not have
made on his own. He now is making
sales not only on his own, but also
making sales through your efforts.
He is splitting the profits with you,
so it becomes a win-win situation for
both parties.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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