Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Made $312.07 in 1 Day!

by BJ on May 22, 2015

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Today, I made $312.07 thanks to the internet! BOOM! =)

It's called affiliate marketing…and I like to call it affiliate marketing for dummies because this is probably one of the BEST ways for the newbie/beginners to get started to REALISTICALLY make money online!

Affiliate marketing works with ANY affiliate network out there for ANY niche.

The MOST popular affiliate programs can be found in these popular affiliate networks:
– Clickbank
– JVzoo
– Commission Junction
– Amazon (YES! Amazon has its own affiliate program called Amazon Associates Program)
– CPA (cost per action networks such as neverblue, maxbounty, or just check out offervault)
– Business opportunities/direct marketing/network marketing programs
– And much more!

For me, I like to STICK to the field/niche I am best at and very familiar with…which happens to be “internet marketing”.

Don't get me wrong…I've actually made MORE money OUTSIDE of the “internet marketing” niche because I've done internet marketing fulltime ever since 2008…i've been in MULTIPLE niches and have done VARIOUS different types of online businesses…

…after having went from being a ONCE broke store clerk to eventually earning a six figure income for multiple years in a row…

now, I want to move into the field of sharing my lessons to the everyday people out there who want to get results online THAT REALLY WORKS!

…and one thing that works is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Having said that…

…I like to focus on Clickbank, JVZoo, and also business opportunities as well.

…this video just shows you proof of you being able to make money promoting other people's products…it's called AFFILIATE MARKETING in the INTERNET MARKETING world.

And this can be one of the BEST ways for a NEWBIE to straight make money online!


…because you don't need your own product.

You don't need to create a sales page.
You don't need to deal with support.
You don't need to do all the stuff that a product creator does.

You just promote someone else's product.

…and BOOM you make INSTANT affiliate commissions!

If you want to know MY SECRETS on how I was able to generate $312.07 TODAY (as I'm uploading this video and typing), then…

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Take care…

…and of course…


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