Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Package Your Own Offer

by BJ on August 12, 2015

If you want to go into affiliate marketing, then watch this video until the end.

I share with you ONE simple concept that can help you DIFFERENTIATE yourself from other affiliate marketers and get better CONVERSIONS online.

You can apply this lesson as an affiliate marketer promoting something from clickbank, jvzoo, or a business opportunity.

The simple tip is to always PACKAGE your OWN OFFER.

Even though you are selling someone else's product as an affiliate, you can PACKAGE the offer as your own by adding special and unique things like bonuses or even creating a name of the package you are selling as some kind of unique package to buy from you.

If you just sell affiliate products like everyone else does by saying to just buy the affiliate program, then you'll get the same results that most other people get which is little to nothing.

So from now on, CREATE YOUR OWN OFFER in your affiliate promotions.

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Take care and take action!

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