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by BJ on June 6, 2009

One of the fastest ways to get your target market
to visit your site is through the use of Adwords
or what is also known as PPC or pay-per-click
marketing. When you use Adwords you are basically
buying keywords. The most productive keywords are
actually using long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are 3-5 words that are very
specific and very targeted. So whenever someone
searches for a long tail keyword, your ad will be
shown on the right side of Google and if it's really
good it will be shown at the top of the website as a
sponsored ad.

Now, Google Adwords is actually one of fastest ways
to get traffic. Unlike article marketing, this is
not a free way to get traffic. You will pay each
time that someone clicks on your Adwords ad. When
you set up your Adwords campaign, you will set a
certain amount for each keyword. You will pay per

The thing about pay per click marketing is that it's
very targeted. If you have long tail keywords that
you're advertising and its 3-5 words and you have all
the top long tail keywords that you're willing to pay
for then the person who clicks on your ad will most
likely be willing to buy because ppc advertising is
very targeted.

You must be very careful, because if ppc marketing is
not done correctly it can become ineffective and very
expensive. You have to make sure that your keyword
research is done correctly and that the keywords that
you use in the campaigns are very targeted.

If they are not targeted, you won't have a good
conversion rate. Remember that your goal is to have
the people click on your ad and then go to your website
and purchase your product. In order to do get that higher
conversion rate your want your keywords to be as targeted
as possible

Make sure that as you create your campaigns that you
create two variations of your ad. This allows for the
testing of one ad against the other. This is just like
the split-testing you do with your sales pages and squeeze
pages. You still want to see which ad is getting the higher
conversion rate. Whichever ad has the lower conversion rate,
you can get rid of and then create another ad. You will then
test again against those two ads. You will continue to do
this in your marketing so that you will always keep the
ads running that will give you the highest conversion

You will also want to research your keywords. You want to
find out what the click through rate is. Determine what
keywords are not as high as your average click thru rate.
Whatever keywords are not higher than your average overall
click thru rate, you will want to get rid of and add new

There are a lot of resources out there to teach you more
about adwords and there is a lot of information on the
Google website. Definitely look into this technique as a
way to market your business.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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