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BJ's Bonus #1 - My Exclusive Insider 1-on-1 Interviews with Vick Strizheus in Las Vegas

  • I got to meet Vick Strizheus many different times and my first interview was in Las Vegas. You will discover the things that make the ADVANCED marketers stand out from the typical marketers. This is NEXT LEVEL stuff you will NOT learn in any other bonus out there!

BJ's Bonus #2 - BJ's Bonus #1 - My Exclusive Insider 1-on-1 Interviews with Vick Strizheus in MIAMI 10K Challenge!

  • I also got to hang out on a $10 million yatch with Vick Strizheus. This was for special members who crossed over $10,000 in 45 days and I was one of the handful of students there. While chilling on this yatch, I did another interview with Vick and YOU get to see the INSIDER CONVERSATIONS that we had. You'll discover another golden nuggets of SECRETS to REAL SUCCESS from this EXCLUSIVE bonus!

BJ's Bonus #3 - BJ's My Affiliate Marketing Strategy to GET BETTER Conversions Online!

  • If you want to make money as an AFFILIATE marketer (promoting other people's products), you'll discover my SECRET affiliate promotion strategy that allows me to get on TOP of the affiliate leaderboards WITHOUT a big list!
  • This is STUFF that I also learned from Vick and I have discovered a SIMPLE method on how to do it the RIGHT & FAST way!
  • You'll discover my SECRET AFFILIATE PROMOTION strategy that works almost EVERY TIME I implement it!
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BJ's Bonus #4 - BJ's TOP 10 Traffic Strategies to GET MORE TRAFFIC Online!

  • Discover BJ's Insider Traffic Strategies that WORK Right Now to GET YOU More Traffic Online!
  • After testing out MANY different traffic strategies, you will discover BJ's TOP 10 favorite traffic sources to get CONSISTENT & QUALITY traffic online!

BJ's Bonus #5 - BJ's TOP 10 Conversion Tweaks to BOOST Conversions Online!

  • Discover BJ's quick conversion tricks to INSTANTLY boost your conversions online!
  • Get MORE leads with little tweaks!
  • Get MORE sales with simple tweaks you can do today to SKY ROCKET your conversions to get MORE leads and MORE sales online!
  • These are PROVEN & TESTED strategies BJ has learned from MULTIPLE millionaire mentors AND has tested himself and YOU CAN GET IT TOO!

BJ's Bonus #6 - BJ's CUSTOM 7-DAY Email Sequence to Convert Your Leads into Sales Online!

  • After writing THOUSANDS of emails in various niches, BJ is going to give you proven & tested email marketing templates to help you CONVERT your leads into sales online!
  • You will get the PROVEN subject lines that get the BEST open rates AND templates to help you CONVERT your leads into SALES online!
  • BJ and his team took a lot of time to craft emails that you can literally COPY & PASTE to promote one of BJ's top converting offers online!
  • Just copy & paste BJ's emails to convert your leads into sales online!

BJ's Bonus #7 - BJ's MONTHLY LIVE Webinar/Hangout Training (FOR ELITE MEMBERS ONLY!)

  • Now, you can have BJ guide and train you in your journey online!
  • It's like having an EXTRA MENTOR to guide you on a MONTHLY BASIS to ultimately get you MORE traffic and MORE sales online!
  • BJ is a student of Vick and also has earned over a MILLION DOLLARS in sales in his career online in VARIOUS different online moneymaking strategies.
  • Each month, you will have BJ guide you to get you motivated to take MORE action and GET more results with the RIGHT strategy to ULTIMATELY straight make money online and achieve your dreams as well!
  • This is for ELITE MEMBERS only (those who upgrade to HTA elite after getting HTA 2.0).
  • This is very rare to have because you will have a chance to have CONSISTENT & QUALITY mentorship from a proven million dollar earner to be on your side to help you on your journey online!

BJ's Bonus #8 - BJ's Video Commissions Course (FOR ELITE MEMBERS ONLY!)

  • For a limited time, I am going to offer my course Video Commissions (level 1 training) for FREE.
  • This is a step by step blueprint on how I was able to generate $100,000 in my FIRST year of network marketing with multiple programs USING just 1 primary source of traffic online - videos! You get to see how I did it so ultimately you can duplicate my success as well in your journey!

BJ's Bonus #9 - BJ's SEO CO-OP Traffic for 1 MONTH! (FOR FIRST 50 ELITE MEMBERS ONLY!)

  • For ELITE Members only, BJ will give you SEO CO-OP traffic from his SEO sources that is already getting traffic to his own sites.
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  • For a LIMITED TIME, BJ will offer a 30 minute coaching for FREE for his FIRST 10 ELITE MEMBERS!
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