Abundance Mindset For Success

by BJ on July 22, 2013

Hey, there!

This is a quick video below with one more very important success tip. As usual, I hope you have figured that out already, I will stress on the fact that success has to do only with your mindset. So today, I want to teach you that to be successful you need to have an abundance mindset.

Abundance Against Scarcity

The thing is that having an abundant mindset will change your result significantly. This is opposed to having a scarcity mindset and focusing on the result itself. Instead, try to focus on doing the best you can. My advice for you today is to just stop trying to figure out if you will get that sale or this person to sign up. Just give everything from yourself and your success will be inevitable.

What I have noticed in my business is that people can feel your energy and when you do something with all your heart this brings results. When you do that consistently, people can feel it. Your prospects and leads will feel the positive energy, dedication, confidence and abundance coming from you and they will want to follow you.

On the other hand, if you have a scarcity mindset, people can feel that too. Don't get attached to the result, don't get hooked on that sale. Bottom line is, if your leads feel you are desperate and have a scarcity mindset they won't follow you. They won't join you. You won't make that sale. So stop acting desperately, guys, just do it for the sake of doing it!

You have to understand that the world is abundant and there are so many people and so many sales you can make, that it's just okay if someone says ‘No'. There is more value that you can give to other people who actually want it! You need to start thinking not from the prospective that you need the sale, but that there are people out there you can help, that need your advice. So when you don't make a sale, that's okay, guys.

Start thinking abundantly, don't focus on the result but on giving everything you can to the world, and it will give back.

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