About BJ Min


My name is BJ Min, the bestselling author of the book “How to Make Money with Ebooks” which ranked #1 on Amazon.com's bestseller list for the BUSINESS category.


My book “How to Make Money with Ebooks” ranked #1 on Amazon's Business category once.

Here is me sharing my story in front of thousands of people at an internet marketing event.

Here’s my story in a nutshell.

I used to be a broke convenience store clerk who lived with his parents for 5 years after college.

I was SICK AND TIRED of my life for a LONG TIME.

…and I actually FAILED this internet marketing thing for a VERY LONG TIME…

I got introduced to internet marketing/making money online FIRST through eBay back in 2000.

I made about a few hundreds bucks a month (at most) selling eBooks…but I NEVER was able to make it in terms of making a full time income.

My FIRST dream after college was actually to become a full time internet marketer BACK in 2004 when I graduated from college.

I bought a thousand dollar course, created my website, my products…and after six months, I made NOTHING ONLINE! LOL!

So after experiencing this failure, I actually thought I could never make it so I SADLY GAVE UP on my dreams of becoming a full time internet marketer in the middle of 2004.

(So if you ever felt like giving up, I TOTALLY know where you are coming from because I WAS THERE TOO! Just know that money didn't fall from the sky for me…it was a LONG JOURNEY! I want you to get that because many people in the industry think that others have it easy…we all have it difficult in the beginning…it takes TIME and it is a PROCESS…and as long as you STICK to it and take action for the LONG RUN, you also can make it too!)

…So in middle of 2004, I ended up moving back to my parent's house (even after college…and I was so embarrassed to be in this situation despite graduating from a very decent university!).

So I worked under my dad who owned a convenience store at the time making minimum wage and living with my parents as well.

I thought I would work there for part time and find a good decent job.

…But I had this BIG shyness problem ever since I was a kid (with lack of confidence and so forth).

So I just couldn't muster up the courage and confidence to go out and even get a job interview (I know this might sound rediculous but it's true).

I did go to only like 3 interviews max and I remember getting REJECTED from all the employers.

I had LESS and LESS confidence in myself.

…I felt horrible about my career path.

While many of my friends seemed to be moving up in life, getting into grad school, moving to the big cities, living on their own…

…I was STUCK living with my parents in my MID 20's…STILL working at the convenience store!

And my life was going into the path of just working at the convenience store for the rest of my life.

I was working 50 to 60 hours a week, literally living inside the convenience store for 6 (and sometimes 7 days) out of the week.

I had NO freedom.

I had NO life.

Each year, nothing in my life was progressing.

I was just STUCK in this convenience store and I saw my life pass me by YEAR AFTER YEAR!

…Eventually after 5 years, I COULD NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

…after working at the convenience store (literally being STUCK inside that store or always worrying about my dad's store business for what it felt like 364 days out of the year because we only got to rest on Christmas since that was the only day we closed the store during the year), I said to myself that I HAVE to go for this “internet thing” one more time!

My DEEP FRUSTRATION with my situation became my BIGGEST MOTIVATOR to make it online.

I said to myself “I know I failed before…but I have nothing to lose…so I'm just going to GO FOR IT!”

So from then on in 2007, I made the DECISION to go for my DREAMS once again!

I wrote a simple how to ebook about a topic that was unique, asked bunch of questions on warriorforum (shout out to them because that's where I first got started), and started taking action, and surprisingly, I sold 2 copies of my eBook for about $19.95 the VERY first month going for my dreams once again…back in May of 2007…

So in May of 2007, I made about $39 in total.

Not life changing…but it was a start.

Next month, I made about a hundred bucks.

Next month, I made about a hundred fifty.

By the end of 2007, I hit $1000 a month (a goal I set upon myself back then).

By end of 2008, I hit about somewhere around $3000 a month and that was barely enough to FINALLY quit my OLD convenience store job and FINALLY go for this internet marketing dream FULL TIME!

…and yes, I FINALLY moved out of my parent's house at the age of 28!

And after I went full time into internet marketing, things started to take off.

A couple years later on February of 2010, I hit my FIRST $10,000 a month!

I wrote a book on eBook publishing called “How to Make Money with Ebooks” and this ranked #1 in Amazon.com’s bestseller list for the business category during its first month of launch. My newest book is “Six Figure Internet Marketer” which provides my TOP lessons from making money online.

I've had the priveledge of speaking in front of thousands of people to teach other people just like you to make money online.

…Over the years, I've helped many people through my newsletters, books, courses, and other group training to help them get better results online.

I've also had students who struggled online for a long time and FINALLY make money online using my secret methods taught in my books, courses, and business opportunity programs.

I'm not here to brag but to encourage, inspire, and give you hope that it is POSSIBLE to make it online if you make the DECISION to go for the dream that is aching inside of your heart!

My core why is to make a positive impact in the world whether it's through business or whatever field I venture into.

…and I know to do that, I need my purpose to be LESS about me and MORE about you…

…to ultimately make an IMPACT in your life and business in a positive way.

and my message is simple…

BELIEVE in yourself, BELIEVE in your dreams, and GO for your dreams no matter what!

…and if you do that, then you can succeed online!

Live your dreams!


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(Income disclaimer: These results are not typical because I'm not typical. But if you are willing to be consistent, persistent, and persevere, then learn from me.  Cheers!)