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My name is BJ Min and I'm the author of “How to Make Money with Ebooks” that ranked #1 on Amazon's Business category during its first month of launch.

My name is BJ Min and I'm the author of “How to Make Money with Ebooks”.

My book ranked #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List on the Business Category during launch! If you want to learn how to succeed in self publishing, click here to get my Publisher System course.

My story is that I used to be a broke convenience store clerk and eventually earned over a million dollars in sales online ever since 2008. Now, I make a fulltime income online loving what I do and being able to live my life on my own terms and have done so for the past decade!

But it wasn't always like that.

You see…I had a dream to become a full time internet marketer after college. So after college, I went on my journey to make money online but like most people, I failed at it and like most people, I actually gave up on my internet marketing dreams.

After I gave up on my internet marketing dreams, I couldn't even get a good job because I lacked a lot of confidence to go to job interviews. The job interviews I went, I couldn't even get a job. So even though I went to college (because of my lack of confidence in myself), I settled for a minimum wage job working at the convenience store. And the only reason I was able to get that job was because my dad owned the store at the time!

So I eventually worked at the convenience store job for 5 years! I could NOT take it anymore! I felt like a prisoner not being allowed to live my life. I started seeing people my age move up in life while I was stuck at the convenience store. That's when my frustrations became my FUEL and MOTIVATION to do whatever it took to go for my internet marketing dreams ONE MORE TIME!

I ended up writing an eBook about a topic I knew and posted it on Clickbank (a digital product platform to sell digital products). I made $39 in May of 2007! That's where my internet marketing journey really started! I took my laptop to my convenience store and would work on it every single day when no customers would be in the store. Little by little, I eventually was able to QUIT my job in the end of 2008 to become a full time internet marketer.

Ever since then, I have accomplished earning a fulltime income online. Over the course of my internet marketing career, I have had a lot of EXPERIENCE in a VARIETY of internet marketing strategies such as being a digital product creator, being an affiliate marketer, being in the business opportunity industry, publishing my own bestselling book, doing over 1,000+ youtube videos (some have been unlisted now for my own privacy), and also starting my own book publishing company with the help of hundreds of writers. I am real, raw, and a genuine guy who is doing his best to go for his dreams all the way in his own unique way. My hope is that I can inspire you to go for your own unique dreams all the way in your own unique way as well.

I'm also the founder and publisher of HowExpert.com which has published over 250+ short ‘how to' guides on unique topics by everyday experts.

To learn more about my specialty of self publishing to help brand/position yourself as an expert/author in your industry to ULTIMATELY grow your business, check out my self publishing resources below:

I wish you much success and happiness in your journey!

BJ Min

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