A Heart to Heart Message to My Team Members and Followers

by BJ on June 4, 2014

A Heart to Heart Message to My Team Members and Followers


This message is for my team members and any of my followers/students/subscribers.

I just want to say something from the heart and make a dedication to go back to my true mission which is to inspire people like you to discover and go for YOUR OWN true dreams from the heart.

My dream is to inspire people to go for their dreams. Not just to follow the money but to follow your heart and I FORGOT my mission because I got sidetracked from just making the money along this journey.

I'm going to do my best to STAY TRUE to my true mission and to go BACK to my true mission which is to help you discover your dreams, believe in your dreams, and go for your dreams.

I don't want you to do what you don't want to do.

I only want to encourage you to go for what you TRULY want in life and go for it.

At this stage in my life, I feel like the SKILLSET that I have is internet marketing. And the MESSAGE I truly believe in is the importance of you going for your OWN DREAMS (not someone else's dreams).

So at this stage in my life, I want to marry my skillset and my message together to help YOU discover and go for your TRUE dream business online. To help you discover your passion, purpose, calling in life and to turn it into your DREAM business online. To turn your passion into profit online in the DIRECTION of your OWN vision/dream/calling in life.

This is what fulfills me. This is what excites me.

It's NOT the program. It's this mission to inspire you to discover your OWN mission and go for it. That's what excites me and I FULLY believe in the importance of going for your DREAMS/PASSION and staying TRUE to your OWN dreams.

That's why I'm going to DO what I preach.

I'm going to STICK to my own mission that COMES from my heart and live by example and to teach it to you as well.

It's not about programs. I feel that is a great stepping stone. Maybe your dream is to solely be part of a program as an affiliate and if that is the case, then that's fine.

But if not, I want to guide you (REGARDLESS of what level or what program you joined or moved on from being in my team previously, currently, or in the future), the importance of going for your true dreams and helping you get there.

Thank you for watching this video.

I will not forget my mission now.

To help you GO for your own dreams…your TRUE dreams.

I'm going to go for my dreams which is to guide and encourage others like you to go for your own TRUE dreams as well.

Thank you and I encourage you to also discover your OWN mission that excites you because if you want to be successful in the LONG RUN, you really HAVE to go into something that excites you.

Thank you,

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