90 Day Video Challenge

by BJ on February 2, 2014

Hi, everyone!

This is BJ with some exciting news.

I am re-starting my

90 Day Video Challenge

If you follow my blog or YouTube channel you know that a couple of months ago, when I joined Big Idea Mastermind, I started a 90 day video challenge together. This challenge required us to upload one video to YouTube every day for 90 consecutive days.

I had experience in video marketing already so I set up to actually do three videos a day for 90 days. I actually ended up uploading up to 6-7 videos per day on some days, but never went under 3.

Back then I thought this activity is just a means to improve my video marketing, YouTube ranking and popularity. But I come to realize that this was more of a personal development exercise.

This is actually the main reason I decided to re-start my 90 day video challenge. This time I am not going crazy with it because I am involved in a lot of other project so I commit myself to one video a day every day. I recommend you to do the same.

Doing the 90 day video challenge improves your presentation skills, it make you a better speaker and it helps you overcome your shyness! When you speak to a camera, you experience the same emotions as when you speak to an audience. In this way you train yourself to speak in front of people and you become more confident about it.

Making videos helps you develop your mindset – just like going to the mental gym. Bottom line – start the challenge not only for marketing purposes, but for growing and developing yourself.

Start today with me, let's do it together!

If you want to learn more about video marketing, click here.

To join my team and start your own challenge, click here.

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