90 Day Dream Challenge

by BJ on May 15, 2014

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Today, I want to say something about the 90-day challenge.
A while ago I restarted the 90-day video challenge of uploading
3 videos per day.

The thing is, that after I had completed it the first time, I was
doing quite well. My business was going smooth, I was making
money….BUT this made me lazy and too comfortable! Thus, I
actually stopped taking action and making videos for a while.

Then I realized that if I wanted to achieve the things I was
dreaming about, I needed to consistently move forward them.
I came to the point where I decided to re-do what worked best for
me – the 90-day video challenge.

It Only Takes 90 Days To Transform Yourself

Whatever area in your life you want to change, you can do
it if you apply a new habit for 90 days. No matter if you
want to lose weight or you want to improve your business's
marketing – 90 days of consistent work is all you need to see the
change you have been longing for.

The 90-day challenge works! And the best thing about is that
you can personalize it to fit your goals and your needs. You don't
have to upload 3 videos per day every day as I do, you can
just upload one, or write one blog post every day, or read books
every day, or change your diet for 90 days….The topic is irrelevant
because for 90 days you can change anything about your
life or business…

My message to you today – just do it NOW! Start your own 90
day challenge to achieve your goals and to transform your
business, your life, yourself…

I will continue with another 90-day challenge after I am done
with the video one…Are YOU?

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Go for your dreams!

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