80% of Success is Mindset and 20% is Mechanics

by BJ on April 24, 2014


How are you all doing?

Have you heard of the 80/20 Pareto principle?

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Tony Robbins says that

80% of Success is Mindset and 20% Is Mechanics

If you are just a beginner in this business, you probably watch
my videos or read my blog to get ALL the Internet marketing
training and techniques that I use. You think that tools and tricks
will make you successful…

….while in fact what made me successful is working on my

The real secret to achieving success with anything is working on
yourself and having the right mindset to BELIEVE in your success
first. Nothing can happen unless you believe it can happen, no
matter what tools and mechanics you master. If you don't think
this business is for real and it will make you MONEY then no
training can be useful for you…

So many people are just looking for tactical training, while all
you need to be successful is inspiration. The more you read and learn
the more overwhelmed and confused you will be. Until one day
you get INSPIRED and PASSIONATE about this business. Then
all of the training and tips will finally make sense and you will have the
power and the urge to TAKE ACTION and achieve SUCCESS.

My formula to success?

80% work on yourself + 20% work on your business

because whatever you do in your business is done by YOU and if
your mindset is ready then everything you do in your business
will be BIGGER, MORE POWERFUL and have a huge IMPACT.

The first step to success is MINDSET.

Join me ALL IN to become part of the mastermind
that created my success mindset.

To YOUR success,


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