$5000 in 1 Day!

by BJ on October 10, 2013

Hey there,
I had BIG Milestone today.$5,000 in one day!

YES!  $5000 in 1 SINGLE Day!

That's the POWER of BIG TICKET commissions.
Anything is possible.
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I was selling smaller items before and had success with it but I find promoting BIG TICKET items pays off bigger and faster to be honest.I also recently discover there are 7 ways to make a million dollars.

$1 product x 1,000,000 customers
$10 product x 100,000 customers
$100 product x 10,000 customers
$1000 product x 1000 customers
$10,000 product x 100 customers
$100,000 product x 10 customers
$1,000,000 product x 1 customer

I discovered that MOST self made millionaires come from the $1000 product x 1000 customers OR $10,000 product x 100 customers.

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That's how I made $5000 today in ONE single day.

If you are curious on how this can help out your overall business, then check it out. If not, no worries and simply focus on what you are doing.


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