30 Day Dream Challenge – Work on Yourself and Your Dreams Daily

by BJ on June 12, 2014

Success is not something you get, success is something you become.

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Today I want to focus on the

Importance of Working On Yourself

When I talk about working on yourself, I also mean working on your dream project or a skill that you have wanted to develop in yourself. It can be anything literally – from writing a book to learning to cook or starting your own business.

The truth is that

Whatever You Focus On Expands

Your dreams can not become reality if they just stay in your head and you never find the time to focus on them. I know, we are all busy, that's why I think each of us needs a 30 day dream challenge.

The 30 day dream challenge calls you to prioritize on your own dreams and stop chasing after somebody else's. You can do that by devoting the first 30 minutes of your day to your dream project before doing anything else for 30 days.

So, I decided to start the 30 day dream challenge just to make time for my dream which is to help people discover and follow their passion in life. Since I started doing that I honestly can't stop myself at 30 minutes. As an Internet marketer I decide when and what to do and this has helped me tremendously in devoting hours every day to my dream. The trick is to JUST START.

I have done a lot of personal development programs, I have also done a lot of challenges but this one is different – it is times more powerful and more transforming than anything I have done so far because it is about my own passion and dream.

Look, a dream without action will only stay fiction – if you want to turn your dream into reality I strongly recommend you to start your own 30 day dream challenge TODAY.

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To YOUR success and YOUR transformation,


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