30 Day Dream Challenge – Live Your Dreams

by BJ on May 31, 2014

Hello, and welcome to my blog where I am teaching you

How To Achieve and Live Your Dreams

If you want to know why you are further from your dreams
than ever before, watch my video:

I have to be honest – I like challenges! And when they are time-bound
it gets even better. I really enjoyed my 90-day video challenge
but now that it is over I feel it is time for me to take on a new one.

I call it the

30 Day Dream Challenge

In short, it challenges you to take 30 minutes of your day, ideally
in the beginning of the day, and work focused on your dream for
30 consecutive days. You shouldn't miss a day so plan for your
dream challenge.

We all need a challenge like that to make us focus on our dreams.
Our dreams rarely occupy a big part of our lives and we have to find time
and energy after everything else is done for them. But not any more…

I am taking on this challenge because I have been an affiliate for too
long – I want to create my own information product online.

As an entrepreneur I feel it my duty to create something and sell that. As an
affiliate I feel like I am an artist selling another artist's art and my their

Maybe this is not right for you – everyone has to follow their own dream
and the 30 day dream challenge will definitely help!

The point is not to make more money, not to make more sales, not to
work more…

…BUT to work on your dreams because in the end your dreams are the
only thing that will make you fulfilled and happy! You might do a million
other things but if you don't work on your dreams you will never be
truly accomplished.

My encouragement – prioritize your dream project for the next 30 days and
you will see a tremendous change in your life towards your passion.

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To YOUR success,


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