30 Day Dream Challenge – Create Momentum Going for Your Dreams

by BJ on June 10, 2014

Hey, there guys and gals!

I am quite sure watching my video can help you finally take a step towards your dreams:

In this video I am talking about my journey to my inner passion and how being an Internet marketer has helped me transition from just making money online to following my passion.

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Here is what happened in short:

When I first started making money online I was a vendor. I was earning quite a good income on Clickbank BUT I wasn't feeling fulfilled, so I decided to go into affiliate marketing. I also wanted to be independent and not rely on affiliates to promote my products – I wanted to be able to do it myself!

And I succeeded – in an year I learned so much about affiliate marketing from the program I am still in, that I felt completely transformed. However, from time to time I felt that this is not the REAL ME – I wanted to create and give value to people with my own product and not only promote someone else's.

Nevertheless, I felt so overwhelmed by everything I was learning and doing, by all the people I was meeting that I didn't have the time to devote to my dream: helping people discover their passion in life and become successful with it.

That's when it hit me – if I didn't have time I was gonna make some. So I started the

30 Day Dream Challenge

This challenge is simple but powerful – it requires you to work on your dream 30 minutes per day, in the beginning of each day for 30 days. If you start small – with just 30 minutes, this challenge won't affect your daily schedule or life but after 30 days the results will be unbelievable!

Put priority on your dreams – what you truly want from deep within your heart is what you are meant to do. Don'r miss it! Your dreams deserve to see the light of day and the 30 day dream challenge is a sure way to start working on them.

Just start NOW and create momentum for your dream so you can begin making it come true…

Talk soon,


P.S.: Don't get busy with your life, get busy with your dreams. Start HERE.


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