3 Steps to Make Big Money Online

by BJ on June 26, 2013

Hey, guys!

What I want to talk about in this next video is the 3 steps to making REAL BIG money online. I don't mean part time something on the side, but the real full time income you deserve from your Internet marketing business.

How do I know they are successful? Because I am doing that myself  – I am a full time Internet marketer for over 5 years and I am making 6 figure income solely from my online marketing job.

3 Steps To Make Money Online

I will just lay it out for you neatly and simply. Here are the 3 steps I am talking about:

Step 1. Focus on big ticket products. If you promote a product on the Internet this is affiliate marketing, and when you promote those you are affiliate marketer. And you can promote anything, but why deal with cheap products for like $40 or $50? Focus on really expensive and high income ticket products.

Step 2. Focus on your mindset. Most Internet marketers won't even tell you this, but you have to work on your personal development every single day. You have to do success exercise to program your mind for success. I think this is ESSENTIAL to success. You have to turn your mindset to success. This is necessary so you can take action and start making money online.

Step 3. Focus on the right marketing. There are a thousand ways to do marketing and all of them work! But, and this is a big BUT, not all of them work for everyone. So my advice here is to just try, try all kinds of marketing in the beginning until you find what works for you.

I love video marketing, it works for me and it is really my thing, but maybe it is totally not your thing! Do what comes naturally for you, so that it won't be work, it will be enjoyable to do your marketing. What works best, is what works best for you.

For marketing, follow the 80/20 rule – focus on the 20% that brings 80% of the income. If you are still wondering on the HOW, just join my team and you will learn much more.

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