108 Proven Split Test Winners by Russell Brunson Review

by BJ on May 18, 2014

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In this post I will give you a review for one of the
hottest books on Internet marketing

108 Proven Split Test Winners by Russell Brunson 

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I just want to give this book as a recommendation for
anyone who is an Internet marketer, an affiliate marketer or
just wants to make money on the Internet.

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One of the most basic principles of Internet marketing is
to do split testing or AD testing. This actually means
to test two different versions of a website, for example.
While you make one small change in each version a split
testing software records the affect the tweaks have on results.

Well, seems like a lot of work to test everything, right?

You are in luck, brothers and sisters, because Mr. Brunson has
done all the testing for you – 108 variables on websites tested
and proved for you!

The book is not a dry reading material – it is full of images and
pictures, visualizing what the split test was all about. In it you can find
information and results about squeeze pages, lead pages, emails,
video pages….

It is amazing that an Internet marketing millionaire is
giving all of this information to the public, showing us the exact
results he had with split testing.

My best tip of the day – get 108 Proven Split Test Winners by 
Russel Brunson. Especially, if you are already deep in Internet
marketing you need this book to give you the right
direction for your business. 108 Proven Split Test Winners
will save you hours of work and tons of money…and it's FREE!

I am reading it, don't stay behind!

Get 108 Proven Split Test Winners by Russel Brunson HERE.

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