How to Achieve Your Dreams in 3 Steps

by BJ on April 16, 2015

If you REALLY want to achieve your goals and dreams, then watch this video.

I am an internet marketer and this video are for internet marketers but whatever your dreams are, these concepts can apply to you to ultimately go out there and achieve your dreams.

You will learn the 3 key principles to accomplish your dreams.

The 3 steps are:

1) Do what you love – Go for the business that YOU want to go into!

You have to do what you REALLY want to do to succeed in this journey online.

If you don’t go for what you truly want to do from your heart, then you’re not going to persevere at the end of the day.

2) Work on your mindset – You’ve GOT to work on your mindset on a CONSISTENT basis to keep your mind at the PEAK state to KEEP persevering at this journey.

If you don’t work on your mindset, all the old doubts and fears are going to come at you and hinder you from going for your dreams. So work on YOUR MINDSET as much as the mechanics.

3) Take action – That’s right. It’s not just about mindset but it’s also as much about TAKING ACTION!


You’ve got to RUN towards your dreams.

Don’t side step.

Be willing to GO straight towards your dreams.

You can fail but it’s not really failure. It’s just one way you found out that one method didn’t work.

You keep at it and eventually through perseverance, you will be able to succeed in the long run.

Success is not a cake walk.

It’s a long term journey but it is worth it at the end of the day.

So follow these 3 steps to ULTIMATELY go achieve whatever your dream is at the end of the day.

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Talk soon,


Your Weakness Is Your Strengths

by BJ on April 9, 2015

This is a free 2 part video training because I actually did TWO videos to fully explain the points I want to cover in this free 2-Part Video Series for you SO make sure to watch BOTH parts to FULLY UNDERSTAND and GET the message so you can go out there and use your weakness as your STRENGTHS to succeed in your journey online!

Watch This First All the Way (Part 1 of 2)

Watch This Second All the Way (Part 2 of 2)

I want to share with you several BIG LESSONS I learned this week from doing a little promo this week.

Long story short in a recent product launch, I was ranked #8 out of the TOP affiliates in this product launch.

In addition, I discovered I had the #1 EPC (earnings per click) meaning I had #1 HIGHEST SALES CONVERSIONS out of all the top affiliates!

By the way…shout out to all the top affiliates…i’m not taking anything away from them because they are great at what they do…my lesson is be YOURSELF all the way…that’s how you’ll excel in your journey when you do that.

…That got me to learn a BIG LESSON.

Sometimes, we underestimate ourselves. Even myself included. I look at these “other” people as the big dogs but I forget that I got SKILLS TOO!

In fact, I realized I am actually very good at CONVERTING leads into SALES which is a VERY important skillset to have when you want to make money online.

To be the #1 guy in terms of the HIGHEST conversions made me realize ANOTHER BIG LESSON which is sometimes your WEAKNESS can be your STRENGTHS.

Let me explain.

You see…I’m not the BIGGEST guru in this internet marketing industry…I don’t have the biggest list like the BIG top dogs do in this industry…

But check this out…

Sometimes you can FLIP your WEAKNESS into your STRENGTHS.

Even if you don’t have a big list, you can FLIP IT AROUND and use your “weakness” (being the smaller guy) into your STRENGTHS!

Being “small” can actually be “BIG”…

here’s why…

because as I’m smaller…I can be more PERSONAL…i can be like the boutique store…give that PERSONAL TOUCH that most big time gurus can’t as much…

Does that make sense?

And because of that personal touch, you can have EXTREMELY HIGH CONVERSIONS compared to even the top dogs in this industry.

So realize that lesson.

Also…remember that whatever you think is your weakness can actually be your strengths!

I see a lot of successful people who don’t think they’re good enough…but that’s just your own mind playing tricks on you.

It’s weird how what we perceive to be our weakness can be our GREATEST STRENGTHS.

And the only reason for that type of limiting belief is because you’re mind is playing tricks on you.

That’s why you’ve GOT to WORK on your MINDSET every single day…especially in the BEGINNING of the day…to BELIEVE in yourself and GO TAKE ACTION all the way.

Work on your mindset AND take action using your strengths ALL THE WAY.

And like I say…

Be consistent, persistent, and persevere!

Talk soon,

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Take care,



Stop critiquing and start doing!

by BJ on March 31, 2015

Just felt like getting this off my chest…because I’ve noticed as i have been working harder on my journey to transform myself and my business to new heights, it seems like more and more people start to critique me…and some even have done it out of hatred, envy, jealousy, and spitefulness…it’s obvious I can sense it miles away…

I appreciate the “critiques” but I don’t appreciate if it comes from a ‘hater’ / blamer / complainer mentality. That turns me off big time because that’s one of the BIGGEST pet peeves I have with people in this industry.

People who blame and complain.

Those are the EXACT type of people who don’t get any results in their journey online.

…Listen we’ve all been there. I’ve been there as well…where I would complain about this or that…but that doesn’t do any good for you at the end of the day.

Stop critiquing and start doing.

Stop critiquing and start looking at yourself.

Here’s a great quote from the bestselling book of all time…

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

Yeah, I know that I got stuff that I can fix here and there in my business…

but let me turn it around for you…

…what about you?

Yeah my audio may not be the best…thank you for your feedback…but do you have a youtube channel…where are your videos?

Yeah my newsletter may have links that don’t work but do you have a newsletter?

Yeah I may have a high ticket program that is priced high…but do you do have your own high ticket offer?

You get my point?

Here’s an interesting thing I have learned…

…I learned that my once followers end up hating on me…because it’s easier to BLAME someone than to look at oneself, take responsibility, and DO something about it…

(and some realize they were wrong about it and humbly move forward…)

it’s easier to blame the teacher…

than to put your hands in the dirt over and over again and DO THE WORK…

they may say they are critiquing but I’m being honest, I can sense the envy/anger towards me in the way they communicate or don’t communicate to me…i’m not stupid…i have a good SENSE when it comes to the REAL situation…

so I’ve learned that even my followers/even students end up as haters too in this weird journey online…

people who are successful have their own problems too…people want to use you for their own gain…they may think i don’t know but i see it all over the place…i can sense it…who is real or not…

and hey, i’m guilty of that too in my previous journey online…and because of the fire i went through, i have more respect for the people who are doing big in their journey…a new respect for them now…i don’t care if others hate on them or complain about the top guys in this industry…they are all there not out of luck but out of hard hard hard hard hard hard work….trust me, it takes HARD WORK to get to the top…and i’m doing this hard all the way EVERY SINGLE day to one day get to that level and beyond one day…one step at a time…

so to hear little complaints from anyone who is not doing anything IS INSULTING and PERSONAL…because you know what, i put my heart and soul into this…and it is offensive to hear people who complain or blame…when they don’t realize what it takes to give what I give them on a consistent basis through my videos, blogs, newsletters, products, etc which TAKES A LOT OF WORK…it may look easy to you but it’s not…it’s DAILY grinding…

it’s easy consuming.
but it’s a different story CREATING.

if you knew the behind the scenes story of me or any successful person out there who does A LOT MORE behind the scenes to provide consistent value to you (regardless if you think it’s not enough or this or that), you’d have a little bit more respect before mouthing off this is not enough or that…

if you understand this…then i can forgive you…but i’m human so i don’t forget…i’m a human being too…i’m also an artist in many ways so i am sensitive to what others say…and ESPECIALLY after i put in 10,000 hours into this craft of internet marketing, it is OFFENSIVE…if you were in my situation and some guy who didn’t put one ounce of what you went through came out of nowhere to complain about this or that, it would be offensive to you as well…

anyhow, just felt like posting this because I want to tell it like it is in my channel…

I’m a nice guy generally but don’t take my niceness as a sign of weakness…

I stand up for myself and for my rights and won’t take no BS from anyone who tries to put me down for the heart and soul I put into my work in my products, in my videos, in everything I got with the best of my abilities at this current stage in my life…

thank you for your “critiques”…i DO admit they all have a point…you all have a point…and I take it and learn from it and get better…

but when you do with an “attitude”…then CHECK YOURSELF…look at the speck in your OWN eye as well.


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Persevere in your journey online.

People give up right before their BIG breakthroughs…right before they are so darn close to achieving their NEXT LEVEL breakthroughs to continue to sky rocket in their journey to accomplish their dreams.

Don’t ever give up.

If you want to accomplish your dreams…whatever that dream is…to be a rock star…to be a singer…to be a painter…to be a comedian…to be an internet marketer…to be an entrepreneur…to be whatever you want to be…to be who you TRULY want to be in your life one step at a time…

you’ve GOT to persevere…

and if you do (which is not everyone)…I know you can make it…

i’m just a regular guy who just happened to persevere and not give up on my dreams to make it online…

that’s why i’m able to do what I do today…

same thing for you…

one day you’re going to look back in your younger days in this journey…and it will bring tears to your eyes…because you had to go through all the thick and thin…the hard challenges that most people are not willing to go through BUT YOU DID!

…and when you succeed which you CAN if you keep at this thing…you’re going to look back and get really moved and emotional because it was only through those sacrifices and perseverance that you’re going to be able to one day…one moment MANY YEARS LATER…for a second look back…and realize “oh my gosh…I accomplished my dreams!”…

I want you to eventually have that amazing experience in the future…the KEY is to persevere…

i’ve had that experience almost recently…because sometimes I forget to take a break…but when I take a step back and look in my path online…it moves me emotionally because I remember where I came from…and what I had to go through in this crazy journey…but when I look back, I’m grateful that I stayed persistent in this journey (regardless of the results or no results I was getting)…because with the perseverance, I was able to get through it and get better and just make my dreams a reality…

so today’s message is to keep at YOUR JOURNEY…

just KEEP AT IT!

I do these videos because I know people in this industry (especially younger guys)…you are the FUTURE of this industry and our world…

as a guy in my 30’s…I see young guys who are in their 20’s…I see you younger generations are the ones who will be bigger than me or majority of the big name gurus in our current industry…

it’s kind of basketball…the old generations like bob cousy…if we look at them, we can say they were not that great…but they were there to pave the way…they did the best they could….

now the young ones…if you’re young 20 something year old…you have SO MUCH POTENTIAL in you…you grew up with the internet…and you got so much knowledge in you…so you’re going to be BETTER THAN ME or the big gurus of today…I can forsee that…

so this message is for the young guys who follow me…because I kind of feel like those are the guys I want to make the impact on…because you young ones are the FUTURE…

the only challenge is STOP getting distracted from multiple things…stay FOCUSED and work hard…and PERSEVERE…

that’s the way you are going to make it in the long run.

If you are SERIOUS about personally TRANSFORMING yourself and your BUSINESSS to the NEXT LEVEL from a guy who’s been on this path for 15 years and teaches you the REAL DEAL LESSONS (instead of sugarcoating it), then check out my latest personal transformation & internet marketing system which is built with the purpose to help everyday people to FINALLY get the REAL LESSONS to succeed online for the long run.

talk soon,


PS…Even for the older folks out there, this message applies to you…maybe you’re older than me but you’re a newbie in this journey…you’ve GOT to be persistent and persevere too…and if you keep at it, you CAN make it…I’ve ALSO seen older people in this industry (who were once newbies) MAKE IT because they put in the HARD WORK and PERSEVERED…the ‘hard work’ message is NOT preached enough in our industry…but I’m going to stand up for it because it’s the TRUTH that is required to REALLY make it online for the LONG RUN. Don’t make your age an excuse. Colonel Sanders was in his 60s when he made KFC. Go out there and just do it every day and go for your dreams!


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