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The big buzz about online marketing and social media marketing lately has been about the huge amounts of money people are making while working from home. It definitely seems attractive to live FREELY and have millions of dollars. Seeing the success of others, a lot of people go into Internet businesses focusing on the money only without thinking what this means for them.

Find Out What You Want To Do In Your Life and Make Money With It

I honestly feel sorry for people who are working online but have no idea why they are doing it. I see marketers make hundreds of thousands of dollars and still be clueless about their passion and mission in life.

It is not important to only make money, but make money with a purpose.

Brian Tracy, the motivational speaker and millionaire, asks in a very old audio tape: “If you had $10 million and knew that you have only 5 years to live, what would you do with your life?”

This is the ultimate question to ask yourself again and again until you come to a conclusion about your purpose in life and discover the deepest desires and passions of your heart.

With time, you will realize that it is not enough to just make money but to make money from a place you are passionate about. It took me years to come to this conclusion and I am giving it to you for FREE right now – go after your dreams and money will follow!

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You are most probably reading this blog post because you are or you want to be an Internet marketer. As with most people, you have two main reasons to want to go into online business: freedom and money. 

While following money is what we all need to do to create the lifestyle we want, it should never be your only goal. Making money is a wonderful thing, but it will never make you feel fulfilled, happy and successful as much as following your dreams will.

This is the reason why even in Internet marketing, you need to choose the niche that inspires, excites and motivates you. If you only choose to take on the opportunities that will make you more money you will end up wanting to get out of them! I am only speaking from my personal experience as an Internet marketer for over 7 years now – whenever I made money from a niche that didn’t resonate with who I am, all I wanted to do is not do it!

Money VS Success

If you want a short term solution, then you can just go after the money. But if you are looking for a long-term fulfillment and success then you want to choose the business you are in very cautiously.

So, do you want to just make money, or do you want to make money from a project that makes you happy and lets you follow your dreams?

I made money from niches I didn’t care about, and I did it with niches that really matter for me. My mission is to teach you that whenever you follow your dreams and your heart you can really be SUCCESSFUL.

Know your vision, know your passion and create your online business around it.

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Here are good questions to ask yourself to focus on things that can have the biggest impact in your life.

– “What are your highest value activities?”
– “What can only you do that you’ve done well that can make a real big difference?”
– “What is the most valuable use of your time right now?”

I learned this from listening to Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog” audio.

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Positive Daily Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to build your confidence and start believing in yourself. This is the first step you need to take on your road to success. Your daily affirmations will help you impress on your subconsciousness who and what you want to be and ultimately become it.

Here are my best tips on how to use affirmations for your personal and business success:

1) Make them personal. I highly recommend you to write your own positive affirmations in the form of “I am …” statements. Make a top 30 or at least a top 10 list of the things that you want changed in your life and write statements for your desired future state of things.

2) Make them specific. The more specific and personalized to your situation the affirmations are, the easier will be for them to be visualized in your mind. When an affirmation is specific, its effect is much greater and faster. Don’t just say that you have more money, say exactly how much that is.

3) Read your affirmations daily. Every single day, before you do anything else, read your affirmations out loud to set the tone for your day. This habit will completely change the way you feel and act during the day. Be consistent and do that every single day.

Follow these three steps and you will start being confident, begin taking action in your life and make your dreams come true.

Ready for your transformation? Start your daily positive affirmation exercise TODAY.

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How to Sky Rocket Your Learning Curve in Internet Marketing

In my experience the best way to learn how to do online marketing, or anything else for that matter, is to

Learn Directly From Someone

As sole entrepreneurs in our Internet marketing businesses we try to do everything ourselves. We impatiently aim at acquiring more and more skills through reading, courses, videos, forums, trials and errors. I, myself, have purchased hundreds of ebooks and courses, I have been to numerous seminars and I have had countless training sessions on and offline. Whatever I have done, the most exponential results for my business I always get from one-on-one interactions.

Personal coaches, seminars, events, meetings, or even online video conversations are the best way to increase the pace with which your learning curve is moving upwards. Before you look for such an opportunity you need to let go of the ‘doing it all by yourself’ attitude and decide that you will partner with someone that is better than you. The time you spend learning new techniques will decrease, and the results you achieve will increase tremendously when you start interacting with a live coach.

How To Choose a Coach

Here is the trick – you need to look for a coach or a program that is specific for your industry. Moreover, you need to find a person or organization that has already achieved success in the same areas you are struggling with. Don’t choose a coach that is just a coach but someone who has achieved real life results and knows the ins and outs of your specific business. In short – learn from someone you want to become.

No matter where you are on your learning curve, a coach or a mastermind focused on your business niche, can help you take your business to the next level. Do the smart thing and let people help you to sky rocket your business!

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