Persevere in your journey online.

People give up right before their BIG breakthroughs…right before they are so darn close to achieving their NEXT LEVEL breakthroughs to continue to sky rocket in their journey to accomplish their dreams.

Don’t ever give up.

If you want to accomplish your dreams…whatever that dream is…to be a rock star…to be a singer…to be a painter…to be a comedian…to be an internet marketer…to be an entrepreneur…to be whatever you want to be…to be who you TRULY want to be in your life one step at a time…

you’ve GOT to persevere…

and if you do (which is not everyone)…I know you can make it…

i’m just a regular guy who just happened to persevere and not give up on my dreams to make it online…

that’s why i’m able to do what I do today…

same thing for you…

one day you’re going to look back in your younger days in this journey…and it will bring tears to your eyes…because you had to go through all the thick and thin…the hard challenges that most people are not willing to go through BUT YOU DID!

…and when you succeed which you CAN if you keep at this thing…you’re going to look back and get really moved and emotional because it was only through those sacrifices and perseverance that you’re going to be able to one day…one moment MANY YEARS LATER…for a second look back…and realize “oh my gosh…I accomplished my dreams!”…

I want you to eventually have that amazing experience in the future…the KEY is to persevere…

i’ve had that experience almost recently…because sometimes I forget to take a break…but when I take a step back and look in my path online…it moves me emotionally because I remember where I came from…and what I had to go through in this crazy journey…but when I look back, I’m grateful that I stayed persistent in this journey (regardless of the results or no results I was getting)…because with the perseverance, I was able to get through it and get better and just make my dreams a reality…

so today’s message is to keep at YOUR JOURNEY…

just KEEP AT IT!

I do these videos because I know people in this industry (especially younger guys)…you are the FUTURE of this industry and our world…

as a guy in my 30’s…I see young guys who are in their 20’s…I see you younger generations are the ones who will be bigger than me or majority of the big name gurus in our current industry…

it’s kind of basketball…the old generations like bob cousy…if we look at them, we can say they were not that great…but they were there to pave the way…they did the best they could….

now the young ones…if you’re young 20 something year old…you have SO MUCH POTENTIAL in you…you grew up with the internet…and you got so much knowledge in you…so you’re going to be BETTER THAN ME or the big gurus of today…I can forsee that…

so this message is for the young guys who follow me…because I kind of feel like those are the guys I want to make the impact on…because you young ones are the FUTURE…

the only challenge is STOP getting distracted from multiple things…stay FOCUSED and work hard…and PERSEVERE…

that’s the way you are going to make it in the long run.

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talk soon,


PS…Even for the older folks out there, this message applies to you…maybe you’re older than me but you’re a newbie in this journey…you’ve GOT to be persistent and persevere too…and if you keep at it, you CAN make it…I’ve ALSO seen older people in this industry (who were once newbies) MAKE IT because they put in the HARD WORK and PERSEVERED…the ‘hard work’ message is NOT preached enough in our industry…but I’m going to stand up for it because it’s the TRUTH that is required to REALLY make it online for the LONG RUN. Don’t make your age an excuse. Colonel Sanders was in his 60s when he made KFC. Go out there and just do it every day and go for your dreams!


My thought of the day…

Fail forward.

Failing forward is what is going to help you overcome your fears and succeed in the long run…because failure is actually a requirement for success.

Embrace failure. Go out and just fail. Do it. As you do, you will overcome fears that you have about going forward with what you really want to do.

I also fail and make mistakes almost every day. There can be so many things one may look at me and my projects and say they can all be better.

I’m aware of that. That’s why i continue to do things better the next day and make things better and overtime I get better results.
Don’t look at failure as failure anymore. Thats how unsuccessful people look at things.

You have to think DIFFERENTLY than the masses. You have to have a DIFFERENT perspective. THAT’S what’s going to help you go out there and just freaking do it…and eventually make it in the long run…whatever you want to do.

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I don’t hold back.

I give everything I got and MORE!

This training is 15+ years of my journey online put into ONE course.

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It is NOT just about video marketing.

It is NOT just about internet marketing.

It is NOT just about personal development.

It is ALL THOSE plus MORE!

…because if you REALLY want to succeed online, then you need all those PLUS more for REAL success in the LONG RUN.


Start where you are.

Do what you need to do.

And take one step at a time in the DIRECTION of YOUR DREAMS…and FOCUS ON IT.

I’ll talk to you soon…

Have ave a great rest of the day.



If you want to succeed online, then you have to be yourself ALL the way.

That’s what I realized.

You got to STOP trying to be somebody else.

You become like an artist.

You create art to express yourself.

Same thing with videos.

You do videos to express yourself to the fullest.

You just have to be TRUE to yourself.

…being an internet marketer (at least for me) is really like being an artist.

I do my videos to express myself and I LOVE doing it…

And every time I am just myself all the way doing it (videos, creating emails, etc), that’s when it feels right and also feels like it has the most biggest IMPACT to the people who can get the most out of my teachings.

And that’s when it’s going feel right for you as well.

This is not your typical advice you hear from most marketers.

But there is a philosophy to this thing when you really do this all the way.

You have to just embrace who you are to the core…and be yourself all the way…

It’s OKAY to make mistakes!

It’s OKAY to fail forward!

It’s OKAY to do a video and it doesn’t seem quite right!

It’s OKAY to feel bad about some of the videos in the past!

it’s OKAY!


whether it’s through writing…

or painting…

or singing…

or playing music…

or making people laugh…

or speaking…

or creating products…

or doing your traffic stuff…

whatever you RESONATE and find yourself LOVING doing in this whole internet marketing journey…


do it to the fullest…

and be yourself all the way…

BY THE WAY…My audio was off here…it’s okay though…i fail forward…next time, my audio will be better…okay? stop worrying about perfection…embrace failure…embrace the weirdness…embrace the awkwardness…because you know what? in real life…nothing is perfect…

it’s NOT about perfection…

it’s about PROGRESSION…

go progress forward today in the direction of your dreams!

Talk soon,

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One Video Challenge

by BJ on March 23, 2015


For those of you interested in using videos to market your business online…sometimes doing videos can be overwhelming…and information overload can overwhelm you from doing anything.

So to combat that…today’s message is to take ONE step at a time.

Forget about the 90 day video challenge (although I do recommend it).

Just do ONE VIDEO. That’s it!


Just do it…get over your fear…and you’ll feel much better.

Just hit the record the button and just go!


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I have noticed there are too many people in the industry who still have the “employee mindset” instead of the “entrepreneur mindset”.

It’s the “take care of me” type of attitude that actually holds them back from moving forward in their life and business.

Until you take FULL OWNERSHIP of your life and business, you will not move forward.

If you REALLY want to succeed as an ENTREPRENEUR, then you have to let go of this “they’ll take care of me” attitude and take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of your life and business.

It’s easy to complain about other people.
It’s easy to blame others for your struggles.

But what good does that do for you?

…Blaming and complaining about others ONLY hurts YOU to the core.

So stop the blaming the people who are more successful than you (sponsor, mentor, leader, etc)…

…and finally for the FIRST TIME…


…when you REALLY do that, then you will be FREE as a MAN or a WOMAN.

That’s when you will FINALLY be on YOUR REAL WAY to MAKE IT ONLINE in whatever path you want to go into.

This attitude change may not change overnight because it’s YEARS of old conditioning and the ONLY way to change is for you to do something about instead of blaming others.


Work on personal transformation.

Work on all aspects of your life to personally transform yourself to the next level.

As you do that, you will be overcome your challenges…and then you will really grow to the person that you truly want to become…

and it won’t be easy…it will take work…it will be through challenges…

but it is only through struggles and challenges that you GROW.

My take on things are not TYPICAL ADVICE…most typical people in the world don’t want to take full ownership of their lives and businesses…

So this may hurt you…but it’s the TRUTH when it comes to the RIGHT ATTITUDE to have in terms of making it as an entrepreneur online…

Hope this makes you THINK about some things about what you need to change in terms of your attitude and mindset…if you really want to make it in this industry…

Talk soon,


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